GET LIT episode 47 “In-Oh-Sense” – Innocence – Our Origins


Of late the most nurturing advice I give to myself is to get in alignment with my innocence, my child self that remembers how to relax, not be thinking too heavy and simply feel the flow of life move through me. I breathe easier when I remember my innocence and don’t take life too intensely nor over-analize it but actually feel my inherited child rite of freedom, ease and effortlessness. I respond with “Oh…in my senses” what a novel idea!
Article post by Tomas Qubeck on Innocence

Rebecca Hahn’s after Show Summary:

In-oh-sense. “Child, where are your senses!” “You really need to come to your senses!” “That makes absolutely no sense!” We say these phrases all the time. What do they really mean. What are we really asking of someone when we inquire in this way? To truly be in our in-oh-sense means to hold onto that which is with us from before our birth. Holding on to our true origins and that which makes up our senses before the stories, trauma and society dim the light of all our senses working symphonically resonating within us. Finding our childlike in-oh-sense is literally coming back to our senses…to feel, see, taste, hear all that is within and without. In-oh-essence of that which cannot be seen by this human form. Coming back to our origins- the origins of timeless-ness. We codify the neuroscience behind accessing the origins of the quantum field and how through meditative practices we can modernize these origins to be of service in the world. The quietude of in-oh-sense has no place in this modern world but the more we return to our origins and our senses we create a place for it in this world. The mythology of needing to learn all we can to create this space is deconstructed. In order to cultivate an all knowing, all seeing we need to strip away that which has clouded us so that we may me clear and light enough to access that which resides within. We need to clear away the gunk and return to our in-oh-sense so that we may be lithe enough to be pulled into this evolutionary leap. The universe is just waiting on us, nothing else needs to happen but to Tune in, Drop Down and Get Lit! So come on y’all and do it!

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We pretty much speak to what is on the radar around the planet. We gauge our conversations via our own personal and energetic streams of each moment. The topics of conversation around the world are becoming vast and can be overwhelming. Our platform is to help provide “Digestible Bytes” and an opportunity to clear and center with these changing times.

This comical yet brilliant duo, Blue Star Deerwomon and Rebecca Hahn, address just about any issue from a creative and new paradigm consciousness perspective to lighten up, be a spiritual warrior and “GET LIT” in all realms of your life.
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