GET LIT episode 46 Consciousness -Love-Action

The New Age Movement of Love and Light and Politics and Action are equally dismissed for a number of reasons even though they represent either end of the polarity of life. Now let’s ask “What’s Wrong With This Picture”. This week we’ll delve into the “Balance” of Spirit and Action. How may we best apply a Consciousness of Love and Light while actively engaged in the physical change of our world?!
Towards the middle of the show Blue Star intuitively did 3 “Energetic Signatures” with intuitive readings for 3 of the participants, Biggi, Anton and Jerry (Pics below are in that order). 
This is your “Energetic Signature” A Now Tattoo. I intuitively open to any messages and then an image is shown such as the one you have received. The intuitive message is what I shared with you during the show. You’ll be able to retrieve that message once Archived Show is posted.  Enjoy! Blue Star

Biggi Energetic Signature

Anton Energetic Signature
Jerry Energetic Signature

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Rebecca Hahn’s After Show Summary:
Creating a consciousness that inspires no harm is invoked by cultivating the GOD within that can never be corrupted. We discuss the book The Secret of Shambala and the principles of the 4 Extensions. Consciousness is the key to changing the world. How do we elevate the GOD within to hold no polarity or judgment. Get on the uplifment ride. Create energy pathways toward uplifting others. Do not even name that which you do not want such as murder. We go deep and get fired up (yes, polarized) around what the results would be if we tell people to “wake the fuck up!” As the show progresses we move into a more quiet place of contemplation and Blue Star gifts three viewers with Energy Signature readings. You have to watch this…it is profoundly and creepily accurate! We close the show by discovering the macrocosmic connection linking all the Energy Signature drawing together and have a wonderful conversation with a beloved guest on what all this means to our world. Drop in, tune in and Get Lit!

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