GET LIT episode 41 The Buddha Ford Clinic and Jesus Is The Therapist


Christ Buddha

“GET LIT” New Year’s Eve Day with Jesus and Buddha! Party up because tomorrow you will be checking into the Buddha Ford Clinic to detox.

Last week’s show introduced the comical theme of Buddha Ford Clinic and we will take off with that one! Ohhh Yeeaaah, New Year’s Eve Day and you are invited to arrive with your favorite beverage in hand…our Champaign is chillin for the occasion.

Summary After Show by Rebecca Hahn:
The Buddha Ford clinic. Check into the Buddha Ford clinic and detox from those habitual negative emotions that plaque you. In today’s broadcast you will be joined by Buddha and Jesus as they break it down. They get real about the God within, slam dunk Buddha’s ego as he sits in the hot seat. Jesus calls him out on all that is toxic within his own thought patterns. Take this awesome trip into the New Year as Rebecca, Blue, Jesus and Buddha uncover the myth of universal love, the real PR person behind the Bible and how you too can feel unconditional love of self, other and all from deep within our heart. WWJD? WWBD? Well come and find out!

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