“GET LIT” episode 39 Stirring The Pot



This week is coming in slow but a new idea is emerging. What if we created a FB Page that had no posts or images to lessen the bombardment of our minds?! Could we create a FB Sanctuary Page of only words, perhaps links without images, an authentic page of only conversational sharing?! Hmmm, one of the topics of this Show.

Hilarious and True Summary of This Archived Show by Rebecca Hahn

Rebecca apologizes in advance of her potty mouth prior to you viewing this weeks show! Holy Mother of All that is Sacred! This week’s show was a doozy. I guarantee we will be the only show on CCN with a three second delay. We begin this show speaking about how we can find sacred space and authenticity in our social medium which then leads into a conversation with our viewers about how to create this in retreat and the presence of others…then…oh, well then all hell breaks loose. We digress, we admit, tears streaming down our faces in laughter as we dissect what it means to be stupid…even fucking stupid and how you too can avoid the stupid rabbit hole. Spoiler- we did eventually pull it together and continued on uncovering the deeper more subtle hues of integrity, principles, self governance, the God within and Jesus. Yes Jesus, we like his principles and integrity but the buck stops at getting nailed to the cross. That is such an old story. And yet within the circus that is Get Lit we all made new and profound connections and insights. So tune in, Get Lit and bring a tissue–oh the laughter and tears you will experience. Thanks again to our viewers for all their insights and keeping us on track. And next week a special edition of Get Lit from Blue’s womb. A must see event!

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We pretty much speak to what is on the radar around the planet. We gauge our conversations via our own personal and energetic streams of each moment. The topics of conversation around the world are becoming vast and can be overwhelming. Our platform is to help provide “Digestible Bytes” and an opportunity to clear and center with these changing times.

This comical yet brilliant duo, Blue Star Deerwomon and Rebecca Hahn, address just about any issue from a creative and new paradigm consciousness perspective to lighten up, be a spiritual warrior and “GET LIT” in all realms of your life.
This dynamic duo uses their tools of consciousness and movement-theatre background to present in a new and refreshing way. They go deep and they lighten up. This is the intention of the show – to present the issues of today, ask some of the hard questions, share empathy and understanding while finding any reason to laugh and play. Callers gratefully are invited as part of the conversation. Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GetLitShow

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