Get Lit episode 37 Try “Absence of Discrimination”


This thought “Absence of Discrimination” occurred to me while pondering the “Neutral” or “Zero Zone”. I played with guiding myself “not to conceptualize and not to discriminate” just so I could venture more deeply into the “Neutral or Zero Zone”. It was rather effective. We’ll go further into this exploration during the show. I make reference during the show to my recent article:
“Round Table With Myself” Thanks to CC-iN, Dani & Lisa Blue Star Deerwomon

SEE-SEE IN The last week has marked an interesting and paradigm shifting time at the CCN home. Many of us have been challenged to practice floating in curiosity, non-polarization and unconditional love. Today we explore what it really means to be untethered to our addictive and habitutating response triggers. We go deeper into what it means to be untethered to a false truth and float in the vastness of our own curiosity, never needing to find the answer. An exciting show with lots of meaningful sharing with our viewers around our souls affinities, our need to clear and clean up our triggers and what it truly means to be a muse. We have a big collective aha…our shadow selves are shared as a universal muse that informs us and assists in our clear seeing, as tough as that may be at times. Tune in, drop down and GET LIT! Rebecca Hahn

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We pretty much speak to what is on the radar around the planet. We gauge our conversations via our own personal and energetic streams of each moment. The topics of conversation around the world are becoming vast and can be overwhelming. Our platform is to help provide “Digestible Bytes” and an opportunity to clear and center with these changing times.


This comical yet brilliant duo, Blue Star Deerwomon and Rebecca Hahn, address just about any issue from a creative and new paradigm consciousness perspective to lighten up, be a spiritual warrior and “GET LIT” in all realms of your life.
This dynamic duo uses their tools of consciousness and movement-theatre background to present in a new and refreshing way. They go deep and they lighten up. This is the intention of the show – to present the issues of today, ask some of the hard questions, share empathy and understanding while finding any reason to laugh and play. Callers gratefully are invited as part of the conversation. Follow us on Facebook:

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