Get Lit episode 34 Botanicals Can Help with fluoride, cadmium, arsenic, various xenoestrogens … in the water


D’Coda joins us again and, in fact, we’re going to keep Grannywoman around for a bit of time. She is a wealth of knowledge and we’re here to share. Her bio is below.

Did you know some plants are able to protect us from contaminants in our drinking water such as fluoride, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and xenoestrogens like phthalates? D’Coda will share their secrets on this next Get Lit broadcast.

Summary of Show

The theme we cannot shake is still holding on: Experiencing our own conscious death. There is a collective evolutionary shift that is moving through us currently that mirrors the ultimate letting go. Becoming truly free and killing of our construct of unnatachment and expectation in the most subtle realms. We are ready to free fall into the next evolutionary platform. We are still going to be meditators, community builders, caretakers of this human vessel but we are recognizing even the practice of non-attachment and being in the moment is still being attached to a practice for an outcome. We are ready for the next level. We are moving into the age of pure energy, pure light. This show will explore the new evolutionary construct around really practicing non-attachment to everything. In the last half of the show we will even explore herbs and nutrition that will support this new construct. with our amazing guest D’Coda. We guide you toward many supplements and where to purchase them. The book The Idodine Crisis, websites: Premier Research Labs for detox salts, iodine, and quantum resonant herbs, Gabrielle Cousins website store for many amazing products, E3Live for kelp, chlorophylls and chlorella.

Article Reference:
What If A Conscious Collective Death Was Humonity’s Soul Purpose?!

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D’Coda, Ozark Grannywoman

D’Coda is the last in a line of Ozark Grannywomen (herbal healers). She spent ten years living in an isolated Ozark federal wilderness preserve, the Hurricane Creek Wilderness Preserve. There she lived alone but not alone because she was adopted by the Forest who taught her how to tap in to Nature’s broadband.

A primitive skills school discovered her and for several years, brought students in to learn about edible and medicinal plants. After leaving the wilderness in 2009 she continued to teach plant knowledge to students traveling from nearby states. Weary of the travel they asked her to teach online as well so she started an online herbal school, now known as the Ozark Herbal Academy, located at FireOmEarth in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The Ozark Herbal Academy also offers instruction on its campus.

Herbalism is an energetic holistic tradition that recognizes life style as fundamental element in disease and health.  Known as the “People’s Medicine” herbalists must help ease social and economic pressures that trigger stress and ill health. Thus, she created two community exchanges through the international CES organization to enable students to afford alternative health care, education, and meet daily needs. The international HCC Exchange is open to everyone. The Eureka Stress Busters exchange is a local exchange for residents of Carroll County, Arkansas. Information may be found on the website under Alternative Economy.


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