“Get Lit” episode 33 “Radiation Protection – St. Louis is Hot!”


D’Coda http://www.ozarkherbalacademy.org/  joined us and presented on one of her curriculum courses: Radiation Protection. In light of what is presently occurring in St. Louis, MO this information is very timely.

After Show Summary:

Once again we have the brilliant D’Coda on our show, Director of the Ozark Herbal Academy. With the increase in exposure to radiation across the country D’Coda will educate us on how we can take precaution and rid our bodies of the toxic radiation burden. Simple and highly applicable herbal remedies and supplements that are right outside your front door. How empowering to know that everything we need is within our reach. Her brilliance is only topped by her ability to impart her knowledge in a highly accessible format. We love having her on the show and you will too! Tune in- get stoked-and Get Lit!

The “Radiation Protection” Curriculum is available for purchase ($40 for 3 Months) through signing up for the “Explorer Level” at
D’Coda’s Website: http://www.ozarkherbalacademy.org/

Videos Referenced during Show:

St. Louis Nuclear Nightmare – West Lake Radioactive Waste Fire (Nuclear Hotseat #227

Start Here and view this video report:


Update On Fukashima:

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