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This episode Blue Star Deerwomon will facilitate a “Shamanic Improvisation” Session. The guided session will include exercises on how to access the multi-dimensional realities “Go Between The Worlds” and “The Art of Be-ing In The Moment” thru visualization-imagination, movement and sound.
I will begin show with an introduction then lead about a 45 min session and then have discussion together. Written Score can be accessed here and below:

Deerwomon MS Ed. is an educator, mentor, prayerformer and life student of integrating sacred geometry, spirituality, acoustical physics and meditation creatively expressed through the tools of improvisational movement, sound and spoken word. Over the past 30 years Deerwomon has developed her body of discipline called “Shamanic Improvisation” “The Art of Be-ing In The Moment” and “Going Between the Worlds” a practical tool for be-ing at One with life’s journey.

Shamanic Improvisation is sensing and feeling and moving and sounding with each and every subtle energy. Through the quieting of within we learn to hear and feel the impulses of our inner dance.

Deerwomon will gently guide you and create a safe environment for you to uncover your Shamanic Dancer self.

As the journey unfolds you learn about the alchemist within, the be-ing inside of you who transforms and makes necessary changes.

This alchemical magic occurs while dancing “Between the Worlds.

More info about Deerwomon at:

Session 1 – August 15th, 2015


“Shamanic” describes the ability of “Going Between The Worlds” and “Improvisation” is “The Art of Be-ing In The Moment”.

In one sense we are talking about manifestation/femifestation and the laws of attraction, however, there is a distinction, that be-ing the inclusion of a necessary element of “sensation”. “Sensation” is the pathway that allows our experience to launch from the base 5 senses to the invisible senses such as telepathic, transmission and psychic coherence.

When we truly want to attract something to us the “sensation” of having that experience is what is read and mirrored from the quantum field, all energy, source. For example, if we choose prosperity in our lives then we intend the sensation of prosperity. If we intend prosperity and then worry about receiving it source recognizes worry and thus that is what is created. Attraction is not merely a mental mantra. It is a genuine “sensation” of having.

All life is energy, quanta, source and thus all thought is energy. When we intend (focused thought), energy follows the stream of thought thru intention. This energetic communion holds great power and another pathway thru the invisible realms.

As we spend time with Mother Earth and her life forms we begin to recognize that “pockets of consciousness” exist with each form. The plants, minerals, trees and ourselves included, etc. have a unique “energy signature”. These signatures is what I Am referring to as “pockets of consciousness”.

When we intend to commune with the Mother’s life forms we are essentially allowing the experience and communion with their “energetic signature”, their particular “pocket of consciousness”. With this recognition we proceed towards the invitation of what “pocket of consciousness” we choose to commune and communicate with.

Quantum physics has demonstrated that all life-energy has movement, vibration and sound. When we attune our bodies as instruments using our voices and movement we are expanding our energetic tools of communicating with the invisible energies. Add this to our intention and we now are ready to navigate “Going Between The Worlds”.


warm your body and voices up before session


new moon, purging, cleansing, releasing

hands over chi – smooth downward, center in earth

everything is energy thus thought and intention, movement, sound – extend thru body

acknowledge, enthuse, honor

pockets of consciousness, inner-net, iTech (inner technology)

I Do Not consent, same idea

child of consciousness

“Living Behind The Veil”

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Get Lit episode 21

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