The Consequence of the Co Opted Truth Movement – Survivors speak out!


This clip is a live recording from Freedom Central’s weekly radio broadcast on Finding Voices Radio. Following on from Freedom Central’s expose of various factions of the co opted “Truth Movement”, we have been contacted by victims and survivors of abuse by family and / or State / Social Services, and there is a much deeper story going on. The awakening population is having it’s attention diverted by false campaigns such as the Hollie Greig campaign, and it is being supported by provably co opted “Alternative Media”. Those most affected by the co intel tactics, are as always, the genuine victims and survivors, many of them scattered through infiltration… However, all is not lost, as many of them have come forward to give us information, and on this clip, we speak to two very brave ladies, Sheva and Louise, who share their stories and insights into what is going on, through their own unique experiences.


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