Andrew Johnson talks to Freedom Central live on Finding Voices Radio


The following interview was recorded live during Freedom Central’s weekly radio broadcast on Finding Voices Radio.

To mark the Eleventh anniversary of the atrocities of 9/11, Freedom Central has released this clip in honor of those who died in these attacks, and for those who continue to be killed off by the very people they rely on for protection.

In this interview, fellow independent researcher Andrew Johnson talks to us about what really happened to the Towers. He debunks the nano thermite theory, and supports the work of Dr Judy Wood, who’s forensic analysis of the Twin Towers and the area that surrounded it, indicates that a free energy weapon was used to dissolve the Twin Towers and it’s occupants into dust.

Andrew also discusses the fraudulent 9/11 “Truth Movement”, and many other deliberate disinformationists within the “Truth Movement”.


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