GOING MAINSTREAM: CCN stars Lainie Liberti & Miro in the BBC


BBC Travel article

GOING MAINSTREAM:  CCN stars Lainie Liberti & Miro in the BBC – It always excites us here in the world of FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA, to see the concepts and projects that Conscious Consumer Network backs and supports, making the mainstream media.  In this recent BBC Travel article, the concept of World Schooling is discussed with great positivity.  Well done to Lainie Liberti and Miro for setting the trends, and showing us how to make a life of world schooling work.  The CCN team is ever so proud of you, and we have just loved working with you all.

The trend of World Schooling is growing, and CCN is so proud that one of our landmark shows is FOR THE LOVE OF LEARNING, VOICES OF THE ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION MOVEMENT. This show was initially started by Laine Liberti, who contacted us soon after CCN launched on 1 January 2015.  Since joining the CCN team, the entire FOR THE LOVE OF LEARNING TEAM has expanded into a massive network of media contributors of all ages and backgrounds, with some foreign language content also thrown into the mix.


With a total of 82 episodes and growing every week, FOR THE LOVE OF LEARNING has produced the most content on Conscious Consumer Network, more than any other show, and it is indeed one of the shows we are the most proud of.

Thank you to Laine & Miro for being two of the most inspiring people we have ever met.  And a big thank you to the extended FOR THE LOVE OF LEARNING team of producers, guest hosts and contributors.  All of you help to explore better possibilities for our current learning paradigm.