Personal Growth – Self Mastery


Are you on a spiritual journey? Are you looking for an abundance of ah-ha moments?

Are you ready to soar to new heights? If yes, join me Wednesday June 7th 1-2 pm (EST). I will be sharing personal experiences and ideas that could help you take giant steps rather than baby steps….if you’re ready… Perhaps, you are desiring to let go of addictions, or dependence on people, places, or things that are not very dependable. You CAN gain Self Mastery in this life-time. You CAN become self-aware. You CAN break old habits! Wouldn’t that be nice?

No matter your preferred religion, beliefs, or lack-thereof, you can break old molds that could be holding you back. You can begin moving forward rather than running from the past.

Please join me! We have lived many thousands of lifetimes and this is the one created to help us grow exponentially! We have chosen this particular time in the history of humanity. All the energies of the many universes, solar systems, and galaxies are here to support us! Together, we can let go of the parts of our past (or present) that hold us back. We can open up to a future that will help us fulfill our life’s purpose!