Finding Your Inner Life Coach In A World That Appears to Have Gone Mad!



Join me on Thursday October 27, 2016 for a conversation about Finding Your Inner Life Coach in a world that appears to have gone mad. Discuss the following questions. Join us online if you have some insights/experiences/opinions you would like to share.

What difference does it make if we live before we are born and continue to exist after we leave the body?

What is wrong with the world today?
 Medical model
 Politics
 Financial institutions and individual finances
 Media
 Education
 Communication

Out of the ashes rises the phoenix. It’s darkest before the dawn. Why and what does that have to do with the mess the world is in today?

Better still what is right about the world?
 The only thing not broken is our ability to love – it’s our love that will carry us through.
 That love has to start from within and spread out from there
 When it begins it will burn everything in its path. It has to become a slow burning love for God. (quote)

What is an Inner Life Coach? How does having an Inner Life Coach help?
 Intuition
 God
 Higher Power
 Nature
 Spirituality
 Dreams
 Inner Nudge

Chakra people


And if you want to share your story… Calling in numbers will be on the livestream…