Finding Your Inner Life Coach – Sanity vs Insanity


Finding Your Inner Life Coach – Sanity vs Insanity and Truth vs Ignorance


Join me Wednesday January 18th from 12 – 1 pm EST for a talk on sanity vs insanity, real vs surreal, health vs the lack-thereof. Let’s talk about mental health and our medical model. Join me Wednesday January 18th or watch later in the Archives on CCN’s website.

Following are some points I will be covering:

• Pharmaceuticals unsparingly and uncompromisingly used to fix absolutely everything
• Lack of validation of inner worlds, i.e., dream worlds both sleeping and waking
• Refusal to discuss any other senses than the main five (taste, sight, touch, smell and hearing)
• Lack of public discussion about other realms of existence
• Consequences of keeping the public ignorant

Today, we are witnessing the consequences of a society that has been taught to be closed minded, judgmental, and prejudice against anything or anyone who does not fit the norm. Let us work to change the strife and struggle to compromise, non-judgment, and cooperation between old science and new!