Finding Your Inner Life Coach – Real Ways to Connect!


Join me on Wednesday, December 7 from noon to 1pm EST. Finding Your Inner Life Coach – Concrete Ways to Connect. No matter what you might call the Highest Power Imaginable: Intuition, Nature, God, Higher Power, Higher Self… whatever is most comfortable for you. It truly does not matter what you call it. It’s all Divine Love and Energy. I will discuss very real experiential ways to connect your Outer Self (your physical body and surroundings) to your Inner Self (your state of consciousness).


• Exercises you can use to help you connect with your Higher Self
• Learn about Pramedation the combination of prayer, meditation and contemplation. Email for a copy of a detailed explanation of Pramedation.
• We will discuss what keeps us from ALWAYS feeling connected?
• What does it look like or feel like to literally use our Inner and Outer Life as our Coach?
• Discover the connection between the children’s movie The Never Ending Story and Pramedation. My favorite quote from the movie, “People who have no hopes are easy to control. Those
who have the control have the power.” Who or what false belief is hoarding your power?

feather and stone balance

Isn’t it time you took the bull by the horns and decided to be your authentic self, to demonstrate your brand of truth? Especially when you are the only one holding you back because of many false masks, false pretenses we have allowed society to build around our face, our heart…our entire body. Pramedation is an easily learned expression of life that will allow your real, true self to shine through. Join me live or watch in CCN’s Archives. You CAN change your life into a life of hope and fulfillment. Join me to discuss how we can come out from under the control of fear, despair, anger, loneliness, hopelessness, and feelings of inadequacy.