Finding Your Inner Life Coach – Prāmedātion – The combination of Prayer, Meditation, and Contemplation


Join us Wednesday January 18th from 12 – 1 pm EST and let’s delve deeply into the art of combining prayer, meditation, and contemplation. Or watch later in the Archives on CCN’s website.

The world is a fast moving panorama of visual distractions,


a hurricane full of exploding hot air,


and a cacophony of clanging cymbals!


It’s enough to keep anyone distracted from what is most important in life: who we REALLY are, where we REALLY come from, and where we REALLY go when we leave.

Taking the time to learn the art of Prāmedātion will help you be less distracted by all the nonsense continuously vying for your attention. Learn why it’s important to connect the crown chakra with the third eye at the pineal gland.