Finding Your Inner Life Coach Namaste


two minds agreeing

Do you want to see Divine Love, acceptance, nonjudgment, and spiritual growth in action? Please watch this show! Thursday 12 noon EST September 1st. I promise you will not be disappointed! Join me and Diane as we walk the razors edge of our talk, as we show that it is the essence of a person we love, not just a similarity in beliefs, and that we can vehemently disagree and still come out joined at the heart. Diane and I had an intense conversation last week about religion compared to spirituality. Is one better than the other? Does it matter whether we follow a particular religion or simply our own hearts? Is there even a difference? Is there a benefit to having a Wayshower? Is there a benefit to following one’s own path? Diane and I will demonstrate exactly how we walk or talk. Sometimes the path is littered with stones and pebbles that can – and have – tripped us up. But we both sincerely believe we can rise to this challenge and come out on top demonstrating Namaste in action – the God in me truly and sincerely honors and respects the God in you.


Diane Parker is an Artist, Advocate, Author and “Actualizer”.

She became an Artist before she could write her name.

She became an Advocate when she started working for WV Appalachian Laborers’ District Council 20 years ago. In this role, she represents Union Members of LiUNA! throughout the state in collective bargaining and workplace conflict. One of the biggest aspects of this job is to nurture partnerships with employers, rather than just arguments.

Diane became a published Author with the release of her first book: “I’m Invincible – Moving from Victim to Victor by Invoking Your Super Powers” and will soon release her second book “In the Telling” which is the first in her series of Appalachian Ghost Stories.

Diane aspires to be an Actualizer with every person she meets. Join her in a discussion to understand what that means and the positive impact it can have on the community. She will share her journey on the path to self-actualization and how she hopes to inspire those she meets as she travels down the rest of this winding road.

Diane Parker

Paula lives her life fully aware that Life is her Coach. She states, “Life is everyone’s Coach—if we will just listen…then listen again. The listening never ends as life in a physical body is never silent.” Paula has spent her entire life, beginning before birth, researching, talking with others, watching for life itself to lead her to greater awareness of who we are, where we come from, and where we go when we leave our bodies for the final time. She has learned from both the uplifting and enlightening experiences of life, as well as the dramatic and painful experiences of life. She uses this wisdom to help others create the life they came here to live. She states, “Knowledge put into motion through action becomes wisdom. I help people tap into their own wisdom.”

Paula lives with her husband and her mother in the United States where she enjoys researching, writing, and speaking about who we really are and the purpose of life on earth. She has a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and works as a counselor with nurses who self-report substance abuse through West Virginia Restore. She works as a Life Coach with individuals and couples who are ready to do intense personal work as a way to learn how to relate to all of life in a healthy productive way. She is an instructor at Fairmont State University and teaches Race, Class, and Gender, Psychology, and Interpersonal Dynamics. Paula is also a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. She offers Reiki Attunements for Reiki I, II, and III. When she uses the Reiki energy it greatly enhances the Life Coaching session and then effortlessly blends into the seekers waking life. It gently, yet profoundly opens our hearts to the greater love that lies dormant, until awakened once again. She is co-author of F.A.I.T.H. Finding Answers in the Heart. Paula is also author of Life Coach – an ordinary Life demonstrating how Life can be our Coach in extraordinary ways.

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