Finding Your Inner Life Coach – Drugs & Higher Power


Join Paula Thursday October 20, 2016, 12 noon EST for a conversation on Addiction, Altered States of Consciousness, God, and Healing.

Paula has focused on addiction over the last few weeks. She has covered much of what is in the chapter titled Addiction, Altered States of Consciousness, God, and Healing in her book titled Life Coach – An ordinary life demonstrating how life can be our coach in extraordinary ways. She shared her own life-story about how she moved from use, to abuse, to dependence but that the experience with drugs ended with dependence. She attributes this to the fact that she has always felt determined to create a personal relationship with God, with a Higher Power, call it whatever you want…IT does not care what you choose to call IT. She states that she has always wanted God more than she has wanted to be artificially high or continuously mentally, emotionally, or physically pain free.

Paula states, “It’s important to understand that there are all kinds of addictions out there other than drugs and alcohol. We have named several in my talks: food, sugar, sex, arrogance, violence, anger, caffeine, grief, hate, selfishness, gambling, blame, exercising, self-hatred, delusions of many kinds. In fact, anything can become an addiction because everything begins as a natural habit and habits can quite easily turn into addictions, without the addict ever acknowledging, to themselves or others their addicted state of being.

“Drugs and alcohol are more prevalent and extremely life-altering because drugs and alcohol greatly inhibit continuous, no-negative-consequence, higher states of consciousness from occurring within the individual indulging in use, abuse, and dependence. Ingesting man-made chemicals, or chemicals altered in any way make it impossible to sustain a higher state consciousness, to have an uninhibited relationship with the Ultimate Higher Power. In fact, the abuser or addict’s initial purpose is to experience the gift of presence. They simply wish to be present, to escape the overwhelming concerns of painful thoughts and feelings about past or future experiences. Alcohol and drugs do that, as well as take away all physical pain.

“The case could be argued that marijuana is a natural substance. However, I would warn you that very little marijuana in the 21st century remains chemically unaltered. There is a case to be made for the fact that marijuana is a highly beneficial substance; a case in which I strongly agree. However, one can simply sit beside a marijuana plant and with practice one can literally absorb marijuana’s energy, its higher state of consciousness, its very purpose for being here on earth without ever ingesting any part of the plant. In fact, it was not created to be ingested by humans. If you would like to know more about this please read Plant Souls Speak through Robert Shapiro. Following is a quote from the book:”

feather and stone balance

“Used as intended, (by not ingesting the plant itself) marijuana can help humans connect to all life. The feeling would be as if you are expanding more and more but without losing touch with your own personality and your own spirit. What happens, though, in the course of that, is that the cares and concerns of your busy world fall away. So of course you want to do this when you have the least amount of things to do over the following hours. As these cares and concerns fall away, the connection is very easily accomplished. This is something that has been misunderstood in your time because people have taken our plants, cut them up, dried them, and put them through a lot of processes. They are harming the plant and escaping through the use of the plant in drug form. But this is not the intention. It’s not to escape; it’s to embrace. It’s not to step away from and shove away from; it’s to make a connection with all life. The best way to do this with the living plant, is in the condition that I have described.” Plant Souls Speak Through Robert Shapiro, page 47