Finding Your Inner Life Coach – Balance of Extremes


Join me on Wednesday, December 14 from noon to 1pm EST. We are living in a world of extremes. Life is challenging us to recognize, accept, and balance our own personal extremes in relation to the world’s extremes.

Newton’s Cradle is a perfect example. In a world of opposites there are two extremes. When the ball on the left is pulled back, the ball on the far right is forced to swing out in the opposite direction to the exact same degree. We must recognize exactly where we create extremes in our personal lives.

Here are a few extremes we will discuss:

1) fear vs hope
2) responsibility vs frivolousness
3) hate vs love
4) greed vs altruism
5) rich vs poor aka financial freedom vs servitude
6) powerfulness vs powerlessness
7) connectedness vs separation from creation and creator
8) purpose vs purposelessness
9) real freedom vs fake freedom
10) heaven vs hell

We must do something to balance extremes. When the ball on the left of the pendulum is pulled back to less of an extreme, the ball on the right swings out to less of an extreme. Therefore, if we choose to think, to speak or to act in less extremes our pendulum of energy does not swing as extremely.

Below you will see the Harmonic Pendulum. Energy does not only move from left to right. Energy moves in harmony, one atom intimately effecting every other atom.

Harmony is simply a dance of energy. Here are some examples of what a harmonic dance looks, sounds, and feels like:

1) Acceptance
2) Non-judgment
3) Satisfaction
4) Calmness in the eye of a hurricane/tornado
5) Mindfulness/presence
6) Awakening to the part we play in our own reality
7) Unconditional love
8) Peace
9) Understanding
10) Living life on life’s terms

What can we do to bring more harmony into our lives? Practice pramedation! (The combination of prayer, – thinking and talking, meditation – listening to the stillness, and contemplation – consciously participating in the conversation.)

I look forward to hearing from you during the show or afterwards via email.