Finding Your Inner Life Coach – Altered States of Consciousness


Join me on Wednesday, December 21 from noon to 1pm EST. The first day of winter! Are you ready to capitalize on our connection with bears, hibernation and IV Heroin? Let us even the playing field between addicts and normies so we can all stop judging each other.

I worked as a therapist in a women’s long term treatment facility for drug addiction for several years and I currently work with nurses who self-report substance abuse. One evening when talking with the nurses, I caused a negative reaction when I said that, for me, sweets, particularly ice cream, is as important to overcome as it is for addicts to let go of alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, or narcotics of any kind. This talk is my answer to her kindly-spoken offense at my so nonchalantly comparing the difference between myself, a normie, and drug addicts.

To begin, I will be talking about the following:


1) The relationship between hibernation, altered states of consciousness, and substance use.

2) Hibernation is defined as a state of metabolic depression, a state of inactivity AKA heterothermy – lowered body temperature, slow breathing and slow heartbeat. A complete state of detachment from the physical world. I remember clients telling me that their first use of heroin was like ‘touching the face of God.’ Ask a first time IV heroin user what it felt like. See if they mention a feeling of ecstasy, complete elimination of all mental, emotional, and physical pain – the ultimate expression of freedom. Once felt, who on earth would not seek that degree of comfort over and over and over? Even in the face of death, the heroin addict does more and more trying to get that feeling of ecstasy back again. Therein lies the problem! We are not bears! Our bodies are not meant for hibernation. The heart rate slows down to such an extent that it simply cannot revive itself. Hint: The spiritual seeker who touches the face of God can be protected by a Spiritual Traveler.

3) Every person on the face of the earth is, to some degree, an addict. Some are addicted to things that will allow them to appear lucid and productive in the physical world for a long time before it catches up with them – gambling, exercise, orgasms, drinking alcohol, using FaceBook or cell phones, prescription narcotics, emotions such as anger, hate, or undue judgment toward self or others, negative attitudes that eventually make others shy away from us or lash out in anger, poor eating habits that eventually harm our health as well as the health of our families, being too kind while not creating healthy boundaries for self or others. The list is literally endless.

• Some take a long time to take control and can be kept in the closet until they do, but they are still physical, mental, or emotional addictions no matter how we parse our words.
• Some take us quickly.
• Some take us instantly.
• But all take us away from the heart of God/Creator/Higher Power.

Let us go deeper still! Touching the face of God.


A spiritual seeker longs for an intense state of detachment from the pain, loneliness, and the sheer intensity of living in a physical body. When one steps upon the path to greater Self-Realization and ultimately God-Realization, even the most subtle manifestations of addiction must be released. One must come to terms with the very real harm that is done by and to the transgressor. Even when there is no painful mental, emotional, or physical hangover there is, even more importantly, a spiritual withdrawal. There is a very real ‘disconnect’ between Self and Higher Power, between Self and Spiritual Guide. That separation causes varying degrees of depression, anxiety, loneliness, and feelings of inadequacies of all kinds. The spiritual withdrawal from Source is as painful for the spiritual seeker as is physical withdrawal for the drug addict….it’s just effecting different dimensions of the body. It is just as painful to the spiritually traveling transgressor as it is to the more overt and in-your-face transgressor. The spiritual seeker’s hangover only effects himself. In fact, an entire series of lifetimes usually pass before the seeker realizes it’s time to let go of ALL decisions and expressions that cause the feeling of separation! It is time to surrender to a power even greater than we can imagine. And imagination is an excellent place to start!

Spiritual seekers and bears in hibernation are very very much alike. Animals know! Humans know they know! If you are reading this you are a human, therefore you know that what I have said is true! A bear does not know it knows therefore it continues to subconsciously be drawn toward yearly hibernation. Humans are meant to project their beingness out into the many worlds 24/7, 365 days a year. During the recommended seven hours of daily sleep we are projecting our beingness into other states of consciousness, on other planes of existence, creating, and manifesting in the dream worlds – even though we don’t bring back the memory as vividly as we would like.

I am talking about this issue because I too experience varying degrees of separation from God – a deep feeling of loneliness. However, I have come to this understanding or intimate knowledge of the connection between hibernation and IV Heroin use because of my work in addiction, a life-long study of consciousness and quantum physics, my studies in Eckankar, ( coupled with my own flirtation with alcohol and the use of narcotics. In other words, I came into this lifetime to recognize the very real connection between hibernation and altered states of consciousness. I experimented, touched the fringes but rather quickly realized that I wanted God more than I wanted to feel high artificially.

So, YES even attachment to ice cream, food, drink, anger, sex, and cell phones can cause as much harm to the spiritual transgressor as it does to the drug addict. It’s all relative to our purpose in taking on a physical body in the 21st century.

Join me live for a very deep and enlightening, no-holds-barred talk on addiction December 21st from 12 – 1 pm EST.