Finding Your Inner Life Coach – Addiction



Please join Paula Thursday June 6 from 12 noon to 1 pm EST. This week she will be continuing last weeks talk on addiction. Paula’s views go far beyond what is normally discussed when so-called experts talk about addiction. Paula is not an addictions expert, however, she has a Masters in Counseling Psychology, has worked in the field of addiction for ten years, has had her own experiences with addictive behavior, and has been a student learning about, while personally experiencing, altered states of consciousness for over 40 years. Last week she discussed why, habits, a normal part of being in a human body, play such a large role in addiction. This God-given human characteristic, our current medical model, and a pharmaceutical industry driven by profit are exactly what has created the addiction pandemic.

Paula states, “Our brains were created on purpose to rely on habits. We could not live very effectively if we did not follow behaviors by rote. We would simply not remember how to get to work, how to brush our teeth, how to follow the laws of our society, etc. Habituality is the reason we follow a destructive behavior until it manifests as the disease of addiction. USE of an action, substance, or feeling quite naturally becomes a habit, an automatic expectation. This action, feeling, or behavior is followed by ABUSE of that feeling, action or behavior, which is followed by DEPENDENCE. We depend on certain experiences to produce certain pay offs. After dependence, the brain gives up on producing the chemicals naturally and takes a back seat to the man-made chemicals or behaviors. This is when it becomes ADDICTION. The brain has been so drastically altered that it naturally gives up the reins of control to the drug, feeling, or behavior. An example: dopamine is a neurotransmitter present in regions of the brain that regulate movement, emotion, motivation, and feelings of plesure. Cell phones release dopamine every time we get on because we receive some sort of pleasure, the answer to an email, feedback on Facebook via likes and shares.”

Please join Paula for this informative show presented from her unique perspective. This week calling in numbers will be on the livefeed so if you have your own question or story that you would like to share with Paula please do call in.