Finding Your Inner Life Coach


This weeks show will be hosted by Diane Parker. Diane will be discussing Diving Within or Doing Without.

Diane Parker

Everyone is searching in this life. Most are looking in all the wrong places. We tend to look externally for something that will bring us happiness, peace and serenity. We tend to sleepwalk through our daily lives, struggling to find meaning, connection and worth. In reality, it is the struggle, that self-imposed conflict, that leaves us feeling as if we are drowning.

We are a spiritual being temporarily housed in a body largely of water floating in a vast sea of wisdom or collective consciousness and if we would merely relax, we are buoyed by it. We find ourselves thirsty, although surrounded and filled by quenching energy.

Chakra people

This irony, as well as ways to deep dive within to make the connection we all long for, will be discussed on this week’s show. We’ll discuss The healing properties of mindfulness, meditation and the solutions that find us in the silence without the struggle.