False Masks – Finding Your Inner LIfe Coach



Join me Wednesday, November 16 from noon to 1pm good old American Eastern Standard Time for a No-Holds-Barred conversation! I, Paula Flint, have decided to remove the last of my false masks and speak my truth wholly and completely from now on. Why you ask?

The American election and Donald Trump taught me that it’s time! Tune in, Call in, or Sit in and Watch.

Some of the topics I will be covering follow:

What are some of our false masks?
What does past life or present life persecution have to do with putting on false masks?
What does ignorance have to do with it? What does it mean?
What does waking up have to do with removing these false masks?
1. Spiritual experiences – out of body – lucid dream – precognition (knew something before it happened) – had an overwhelming ah-ha moment?
2. False masks can be – fear of persecution? fear of anger? fear of being wrong? fear of being right? fear of what others think? fear of doing something wrong? fear of not being good enough?
3. False masks can also be – needing to be right all the time – needing approval from others to feel our own self-worth – seeking power over others rather than power with others – remaining quiet so we don’t make waves.
What does crucifixion have to do with it? Are you a reincarnation of the ancient Mayan culture? From Atlantis? From Lamuria?