Everything in Life Has Meaning – The Meaning We Give It!


Everything in life has meaning! The meaning we give it! ONLY the meaning we choose to give it!

We are not puppets on a string. We have power! Real power to shape our lives. We have always had this power and always will! The ONLY question is: will we wake up and begin to use it consciously?

Whether we wake up and choose to see what’s in front of us, 24 hours a day, totally, 100% determines the life we experience! – or not. We have free will, the choice to sleepwalk for the rest of our lives…run around like chickens with our heads cut off – with our God-given autonomic nervous system running the show – or not. Which one are you?

However, if you are choosing to listen to this show, or you just stumbled upon it by ‘accident’ (which I do NOT believe in!) then you are one of the millions whom the Mayans saw awakening in their future. The ones on earth ready to become Conscious Consumers of their reality! Conscious Creators of their reality! To that I say WELCOME!!

July 12, 2017 Wednesday 1-2 pm EST. Join me as I share examples that make the ordinary in life extraordinary!

From My Heart to Yours,