DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season 4 episode 1 | 1 February 2018 @ 8pm GMT


DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season 4 episode 1 | 1 February 2018 @ 8pm GMT – It is great to be back with DRAGONOLOGY, as there is so much more to share and explore, as we burst forth into an exciting forth season of this ground breaking series.

Episode 1 of season 4 starts off with the ‘Beginning’ or ‘Creation’, and explores the real allegories pertaining to the Garden of Eden, whilst decoding our language and deciphering the deception for all to see.

For those who have missed out on the previous 3 seasons of DRAGONOLOGY, they available on CCN’s archive site, or at the main DRAGONOLOGY website.

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  1. purchasing a copy of DRAGONOLOGY book I – SPELL BREAKER, which is available in downloadable ebook format.
  2. purchasing a copy of SECRETS OF THE KALAHARI, which documents Mel Ve’s discovery of the oldest and largest advanced, ancient civilisation, which shows evidence of ritual and dragon worship.
  3. purchasing one of Mel Ve’s presentations.  For those wanting to catch up quickly, the ORIGINS presentation is a great introduction to the body of work that makes up DRAGONOLOGY


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Mel Ve is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Conscious Consumer Network, an independent live broadcast network dedicated to the pursuit of a free, fair, just, peaceful, sustainable world.

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Mel Ve’s book DRAGONOLOGY book I – SPELL BREAKER takes the reader on a journey through various cultures and mythologies across the ages, to explore the reoccurring symbolism of the DRAGON, as well as decoding its symbols, which are interwoven into the very fabric of our existence through language, writings, artwork, architecture, theatre, sport, music and ritual. Discover the origins of myths, legend and fairytales, and we decipher the deception of the DRAGON, which has been hidden in plain sight.  Learn how to decode the symbolism of the DRAGON, and BREAK the SPELL of your enslavement.


“If we were to change the world, we would have to change the media” Mel Ve

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