In our trying world, many feel isolated and alone within urban communities, despite the abundance of people, creative capacities and resources all around us.

Bringing communities together is an important factor in establishing the common ground upon which we can all unite. We all need to work together and help each other in order to create a better world. The concept of “every man for himself” has never worked. We simply cannot hope to expect a fair, just, peaceful, abundant, sustainable world, if that is not an expectation for every person on our planet. We cannot lock ourselves away in our gilded cages and hope that the horrors, atrocities and suffering of the world, never catches up with us, for to do so puts us in a state of constant duress, worry and fear, and there is no point in living in such a torturous way. The most logical option is to reach out to our immediate communities, and begin networking and bringing together those who are actively involved in making difference, no matter how small. We need to reach out to others, to provide information and education about the true state of affairs on our planet, and to let people know what is going on, and how we can remedy the current problems. The solutions exist, all it takes is for us to work together in order to implement these solutions, and any one person alone cannot do this, it requires a dedicated team of people who all share a common fundamental orientation towards the creation of a fair, just, peaceful, abundant, sustainable world.


Conscious Communities is a Community Outreach project, which aims at integrating the creative capacities within communities to benefit communities as a whole.


Conscious Communities is looking for like-minded people who are actively involved in their communities, to provide content, footage, ideas or information about outreach projects within their immediate communities. It does not have to even be a project you are involved in, we are just interested in seeing how people all over the world are working together to implement solutions to the problems with which we are faced.


Conscious Communities will be featured as a regular broadcast on Conscious Consumer Network.





One of the many aspects of Conscious Living lies in the implementation and maintenance of healthy and sustainable eating habits. Conscious Kitchen will be dealing with many aspects of food selection and preparation, which will include the publication of recipes and tips for obtaining the best produce in the most ethical and environmentally beneficial ways, as well as learning some simple tips and guidelines about Conscious Eating, Living and Consuming.




Conscious Lifestyle goes hand in hand with Conscious Kitchen, and focuses not only on health and exercise, but also in lifestyle choices we make as consumers in non food related items.

Conscious Lifestyle aims to educate people to the alternatives, and to make people think about what they are doing prior to entering into any commercial contract, otherwise known as “spending money”. The power of the consumer currency, both financial and energetic, is the most powerful force that a Consumer has, and making ethical choices can make all the difference in helping to support small and family run businesses that are being put under ever more pressure from the big corporate conglomerates.




It costs money to live. This is an inescapable fact.

We all have costs and expenses that need to be met.

How are you meeting those costs?

Do you literally have to sell your soul to do it?

Is the way you make money, contributing to the problems of the world, or are you making money ethically?

Conscious Entrepreneur meets with people who are making a difference by changing the way we do business, so that it is not damaging or destructive to our world. We explore many different options for creating financial resources in ethical, non-damaging, constructive ways.

Conscious Entrepreneur encourages people to find innovative and ethical ways to expand their financial resources and lifestyle.




Conscious Communities will be focusing on innovative projects all over the world that are aimed at creating a fair, just, peaceful, abundant, sustainable world.


There are many people out there involved in fund raising / crowd funding for projects they claim are geared towards creating a better world, however, very few of these projects ever come to fruition, and there is no accountability by fundraisers to sponsors for funding raised, due to the grey area that exists allowing for a lack of accountability with regards to crowd funding campaigns. As a result of so many people raising funding under the guise of humanitarian projects that never materialize, many potential sponsors have been turned off the idea of supporting any initiatives with financial resources.


Conscious Communities will provide a point of reference to those who are keen to support Humanitarian Projects or Global Initiatives, by exploring various initiatives intimately, and communicating the facts and findings with regards to project proposals and fund raising campaigns. Conscious Communities will assess the viability and practical application of various projects and initiatives, as well as assessing the relevance of these initiatives in the process of creating a better world.


Conscious Communities will be looking for publicly published fund distribution planning, as well as following up publicly published budget reports on how the funding that has been publicly raised, has ended up being spent, as well as reporting on the success or practical application of various projects and initiatives.


Conscious Communities is keen to work with anybody involved in an initiative that they wish to raise awareness or funding for, or anybody who is currently working on a functioning and flourishing project that they want to bring awareness and public support to.


We have several new broadcasters joining the team, to keep content fresh and relevant.


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Thank you to broadcasters and viewers for your loyalty and dedication to creating a better world

Stay tuned, 2016 is going to be huge!

Peace Love Unity Respect

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