Shifting Trauma Using Sound


Join Andrea and Deb as they discuss their experiences using Consciousness Tools with people struggling with their stress and traumas. During this show we will discuss how does trauma connect to beliefs and how does using sound help shift these beliefs.

Deb svanefelt founder of Courageous Questing has been a ‘professional’ coach/therapist with over 30 years experience. During this discussion she will share her experience around stress, trauma, and relationship challenges and how tools of consciousness work to help real help people get our of their stories and their trauma.

Live each Wednesday at 5 pm EDT, 10 pm BST…… Come join in the journey of consciousness and awakening through the eyes of love…


Our show – Conscious Connections – Conversations with Andrea and Bill

There is a lot of talk about “Conscious” living lately. It sounds hoakey but its not. In fact it is very real and it impacts us all each and everyday. Sounds funny coming from an ex-CA who specialized in tax for almost 22 years and a computer architect and entrepreneur for over 30 years.

Consciousness is simply an inner awareness and knowing. Consciousness is the lense through which we see the world. How is your lense doing? Join your host Andrea and Bill as they connect with real people living real lives sharing what consciousness means, why it matters and what do you do with that?
Join your hosts Andrea and Bill as they explore with real people living real lives what consciousness means, why it matters and what do you do with that?
At the end of each show, we will play 30 minutes of frequencies that you can listen to live or playback later to help you shift the lense through which you see the world.

Come join the journey.

Much love Andrea and Bill and the ever growing team from Clearly Conscious