URGENT APPEAL: CCN base sabotaged!

The start of 2017 has been a real challenge for us behind the scenes here at Conscious Consumer Network.  There has been much going on that we have had to keep out of the public arena to avoid delicate situations in our immediate environment from spilling out of control, to the point of physical harm or loss of our entire media network.  It takes monk like discipline to steer clear of the urge to plaster one’s personal struggles all over social media, particularly when there are so many rumours as to our silence on certain issues.  But the time has now come to be honest about what has happened to us, and the physical effects of this.

It is sad that we live in a time when online bullying can destroy people’s lives.  Over the last few years, we have witnessed several beautiful people, including ourselves, suffer sever effects of online slander and harassment campaigns.  This of course in contrast to the many fakers and frauds that continue to hurt the awakening community with the narcissistic attempts to create a marketable external locus of identity based upon saving the world, whilst they in fact do more damage than good.
Being a well seasoned navigator of the world of online and independent media, one of the skills I have evolved is knowing which battles to pick.  My time is very valuable, as we are very busy here at CCN, having run the network for two and a half years without a break.  The only way we have managed to keep this network alive all this time is by not allowing our energy to be usurped by pointless drama and trivial pursuits.  That also includes being very selective about who we communicate with, and what we communicate about.  At all times we assess whether or not any effort we engage in is serving the greater good, or whether it is just causing more harm.
Our energies and inspiration in running this project can only continue if we keep our vibrational frequency high, and that means, always trying our best to help as many people as we can, rather than to harm.

It is sad to see that the internet has become a battlefield, with people plotting hatred campaigns against other people, making videos repeating false and libellous accusations and buzz words such as “pedophile”  or “pedophile protector”, and such like, without any actual proof of such claims.  It all seems pretty harmless when it is on a screen, but these online allegations have now spilled over into our lives in a way that threatens us in a very real way.
On 31 January 2017, our internet line was deliberately cut in a conspiracy enacted against us by neighbours who had become confused over online allegations they had stumbled upon.  It is still unclear if this cutting of the line was done in panic, as a knee jerk reaction to the slanderous allegations they saw online, or if they did it to spark a conflict which would result in the trajectory we are now on, which is imminent eviction from our premises, but it is fair to say that an act of criminal damage was perpetrated against us, the CCN team, on 31 January 2017, resulting in CCN going down for a week.  There were no live broadcasts and we were unable to use our internet.

The internet service engineer that called to fix the issue, was initially denied entry, as the break in internet was inside the perpetrators apartment, who just also happens to be the owner of the building.  All the internet lines enter the building through his apartment.  After having to resort to calling the police and visiting with City Council to gain access to the premises in order to get the line fixed, a second visit was made by the Internet Service Provider’s Mechanic, but our landlord had his lawyer / legal representative attend the property in his absence.  This was very strange, I mean, who send their lawyer to open the door for a internet repair mechanic?  All of this of course raised much suspicion that we had been deliberately sabotaged, and the lawyer was there as a measure of damage control.  It was confirmed by the Internet Service Provider’s Mechanic, that the line was in fact deliberately disconnected, and he gave us a hand written sworn testimony to this effect.

During a heated row with the Landlord a few weeks later, it became apparent that our Landlord had seen the false allegations about us online, and had decided that the appropriate course of action in his mind was to cut the internet line.  Furthermore, it became apparent that he had dragged the upstairs neighbour into this act of criminal damage, for it was the upstairs neighbour that actually cut the line, whilst our Landlord created his alibi by conveniently being in South Africa at the time.  The upstairs neighbour who was in possession of the key to the landlord’s apartment, was then instructed not to give us the key to allow the Internet Service Provider Mechanic to enter the building, creating a conflict that spilled over to involve several parties in this apartment block.  This entire situation of course has created a very uncomfortable atmosphere for all who live in this apartment block, and everybody just wants it to be over, which means getting rid of us.  This has resulted in us being summoned to court on 8 June 2017, where we will most likely be forced to out of our present base.  All of this of course was a deliberate plot to cause us loss and harm based upon what has now become a frenzy around the allegations online.
Since this all kicked off, we have spent multiple days in the police station, handing over evidence about the many slanderous videos and blog posts that have caused this unjustified lynching in our apartment block, which has involved a criminal conspiracy to cause us loss and harm.  All of this information has now been handed over to the Dutch Cyber Crime division, as we have now launched an official charge of criminal slander, which has resulted in loss and harm towards us as people, our living and business environment, potentially destroying our livelihood.
As there is no evidence of any of the  false allegations made by various miscreant online sources, we have no fear in having gone to the police to deal with the falsehoods and allegations, which is what they are.   There is absolutely no truth to any of this slander, and the police are well aware of it, as they themselves can not find any evidence to prove that any of the allegations online are true.

The photograph shows two disks, containing a number of offending videos.  There are also print outs of various slanderous posts and You Tube videos.  You will notice the Police lady in the background, documenting the report.

The reality for us here at CCN, is we need to find a new base from which to run our network within the next two weeks, or we will be on the street, with no way to make the network run, and no way to earn an income, with no access to internet.

We are launching an emergency appeal in an attempt to raise the funding needed to relocate our premises, and to continue broadcasting.

With over 2300 shows since we started broadcasting on 1 January 2015, CCN is one of the most prolific names in the world of independent media, having worked with a vast plethora of people across a broad spectrum of information.

Help us relocate to a safe environment, and keep CCN on the air by contributing to our funding campaign.
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