Internal Dialogue: In Sickness and in Health


Last week we discussed emotional health; the physics of Emotional health, the way that your  emotions and thoughts manifest within your physical body.  Fascinating stuff!  Discovering that science supports the theories and philosophies I have studied through Yoga, Buddhism the coaching system and psychology was fantastic and yet I found myself becoming increasingly aware of the correlation between the decline in our physical health and our mental health.

If every thought that you have manifests into a part of your physical body, if it sends out all these chemical responses that feed your body with information dependent on that thought,  then imagine how important it is to make all those messages actually work FOR you … to enable all those neurons firing, all those chemical messengers that are travelling down, into your flesh, into your muscles, in and around your body work FOR you in terms of health rather than against you because of mindset…

This week I’m going to be talking about how important it is to move into management of your internal dialogue.  How self talk can both hurt and heal you and some mindfulness practices that you can put in place to be able to promote the RIGHT messages being sent into your body, implementing healing, self-love and self growth.

PLUS I’ll be giving you a very special invitation to help you stay on track… 😉