Embody Your Divine Self – Utilising both Masculine and Feminine energies


Having discussed the subject of both Masculine and Feminine energies, which reside in us all, over the past few weeks on the This Happy Guru shows, tonight I’m going to be looking at how we can quell the imbalances that we might be expressing and work on raising the power held dormant in the inherent characteristics of these two energies.

As a person I’m MUCH more about putting in the positive rather than focusing on the negative (even to remove it), so this week I will be discussing practical ways of embodying the divine characteristics of each energy; ways you can actively raise a dormant energy, daily practices to help you anchor into your Divine self every day and will also talk about what to do when you recognise that you’re leaning into your shadow Male or Female energy within the routines of life, how to change or adjust those habits and what you might notice as you begin to input these changes.

Buddhism and Yoga have taught me that peace and wisdom comes from finding the “middle way” , a path of  moderation between the extremes.  I believe, especially after the past few weeks of fascinating research, that it is this balance that is one of the keys to self healing, world healing and planetary healing… it all starts within.