A Conversation on Oneness


Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of introspection.  As I build and develop the next leg of my life, my passion and my business simultaneously I find myself pushing through barriers that I’m familiar with and some that I wasn’t as conscious of having.  Its been a test of self and as always, when I’m feeling challenged, I look to what I call the “universe” to give me “signs” and the strength through knowledge I need to move forward… this week I was given the reminder of Oneness.

While searching through Gaia, the spiritual version of Netflicks, for something inspiring, something enlightening or something that would spark my imagination as I did the laundry, I accidentally clicked on a show that I had never seen before.. Wisdom Teachings: Harvest in the Law of One.  As a person who rarely accepts an accident as being completely an “accident” I knew I would be watching this programme through!  I didn’t understand the title, I hadn’t heard of the Law of One but the host, David Wilcock, was so emphatic in his delivery that I listened and I learnt and it was the beginning of a week of focus on Oneness.

Tonight LIVE on This Happy Guru I will be sharing my learned knowledge on the Law of One and on the concept of Oneness;  The parallels I’ve drawn between my study of Yoga and experience of daily practice as a Oneness lifestyle and the practices that we can all bring into our lives to enable ourselves to experience oneness and the sense of peace it brings through challenges in life like growth, loss and grief as well as the joy we can gain through community, compassion, joy and serving others.