The Untangled Gathering p r e s e n t s ORIGINS 26 – 27 JUNE 2015



26 -27 JUNE 2015

26 June2015 – 11pm BST > INTRODUCTION
27 June 2015 – 12noon BST till 12 midnight BST > SEMINAR

The Untangled Gathering is a conference where we bring together people from all over this planet, to share their story of unravelling the matrix. Our very first Untangled Gathering will dig into the distant past of our ancestors, pulling together the pieces of the grand puzzle of our beginnings. The Untangled Gathering is an online conference that will be broadcast LIVE stream on CCN- The Conscious Consumer Network. We have invited researchers from all over the world, to discuss the ancient cultures of Earth and to share their knowledge of our past.

Tonight, The Untangled Gathering launches with the first of the regular online Symposiums which bring together some of the most knowledgable minds, to render forth informative and educational information. We kick off the first of these TUG event with the ORIGINS SYMPOSIUM from 26 – 27 JUNE 2015, which brings together some of the avid researchers and purveyors of knowledge of the true ORIGINS of humanity.
S P E A K E R S:-
Colin Hayter
Dr. Credo Mutwa
Dr. Johan Oldenkamp
Dr. Sam Simir Osmanagich
Francis Xavier Aloisio
Thahoketoteh of Kanekota
Mel Ve

MISS ANYTHING?  The entire symposium will be broadcast in High Definition.  Download a HD version of any of th TUG events at ETHIMARKET