The Untangled Gathering – ORIGINS 26 – 27 JUNE 2015


JOIN Lisa M Harrison and Dani Arnold Mc Kenny as they host the ORIGINS Symposium on the 26 & 27 JUNE 2015

The Untangled Gathering starts on Friday 11pm BST, with an introduction to ORIGINS from Lisa, Dani & Mel Ve.  The following day, being Saturday 27 JUNE 2015, from midday, the rest of the ORIGINS SYMPOSIUM gets underway.  The first speaker is Colin Hayter, who will be talking about the petroglyphs in Australia, followed by Dr. Credo Mutwa, who will be telling us the true story of the History of Africa.  All the other speakers will follow, but the actual times of the speaking schedule will be published in a few days, but there is plenty to look forward to at The Untangled Gathering

Amongst the speakers are some of the greatest researchers and investigators into the true origins of humanity including Dr. Johan Oldenkamp, Subhashis Das, Francis Xavier, Dr. Simir Osmanagic and Thahoketoteh or Kanekota.

The Untangled Gathering seeks to untangle us from the confusing version of history that we have been fed by main stream media, education, society and religion.  This will be the first of The Untangled Gathering Symposiums which we hope to hold regularly.  The second symposium of The Untangled Gathering is already in preparation phase, and will be a continuation of ORIGINS, being ORIGINS II.

S P E A K E R S:

Colin Hayter
Credo Mutwa
Johan Oldenkamp
Subhashis Das
Dr. Simir Osmanagic
Francis Xavier Aloisio
Thahoketoteh of Kanekota

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The entire event will be available in High Definition download, from ETHIMARKET.