Thank You letters…


Please consider supporting the shows on CCN where you can find mind-provoking information at this pivotal time in history … By listening to all they offer … and/or also potentially donating (if you are able to do so). I truly believe this is one of the BEST sources of information for all those who want to help co-create a world where hierarchy is dismantled … According to the true and organic INTENTION of Original Source.

I AM SO grateful for Lisa M Harrison, Dani Arnold-McKenny, Melani Vermay, and Biggi Boho … Some of the most high integrity people on the planet at a time where corruption and manipulation are so rampant. These people, IMO, present hard-hitting and exceptionally relevant information with FULL transparency in the land of alternative media … Which, in many ways, has been compromised as much as the mainstream news. Furthermore, they do so while operating from Heart with a very palpable and passionate desire to serve humanity.

In my experience, all of these people ALSO understand how to avoid rigidity and dogmatism. They are skilled in drawing a “line in the sand” when they smell something “fishy” … WITHOUT engaging in harsh and unhelpful “mud-slinging”. It is my feeling that they understand that ALL people have a vital “piece of the puzzle” … Meaning: there is usually a blend of both Truth and UNtruth in all positions. The goal should be to cross-pollinate the best of these ideas, rather than to settle into any one “version” or “story” of “this is the way things are”. These individuals are giving their ALL to do so.

Please accept my deep gratitude and love … Lisa, Dani, Melani, and Biggi. Your presence on the planet at this critical time truly inspires me and helps me to keep going … When it is so easy to get discouraged due to the deep piles of BS which abound.