GLOBAL INITIATIVES REVIEW : UBUNTU goes out at 9pm on Saturday 11 July 2015

Barely a week goes by when I am not receiving yet another damn story about Michael Tellinger.  It has gotten to the point of being beyond rediculous.  I personally have never forgotten what happened in South Africa in 2010 when the Icke / Tellinger fiasco left me stranded in Africa for six very torturous months.  Not to mention the fact that Tellinger has continued to rob Baba Credo Mutwa of funds for years, as well as many other people.  The number of disheartened volunteers to the UBUNTU “project” (and I use that term to be kind) in Waterval Boven,  is growing as the years have gone on, and the story is always the same.  Since then, so many more people have come forward with the same stories about Michael Tellinger, saying the same things I have been saying since 2010.  This man is a complete liar.  He does not do his own research, rather plaguerises the work of others, and when asked a question, all he says is “read my book”.

Despite my own attempts to educate Michael Tellinger as to the true power structure of the world governments, being run by Jesuits and their Knights, he continues to behave in ways that confuse the awakened masses, such as his confusing foray into the world of politics, with the intention of running for president.  Hmmm… Let’s think about this… weren’t the last two presidents Knights of St. John?  Yes they were.  But that is a whole episode of information, so more on this during our next episode of GLOBAL INITIATIVES REVIEW: UBUNTU

Now I know there are a lot of people out there who really think of me as a branding iron, but I am not out to hurt anybody, just to look at the facts about what is really going on, and the lies and injustices being perpetrated.  Having had first hand experience with the what an absolute charlatan Michael Tellinger is, and just what a disaster his whole UBUNTU effort was and is, being nothing more than a self publicising campaign to gain supporters, and thus funding, I have decided to present all the evidence accumulated over the last few 6 years.

So it is with all due respect, that GLOBAL INITIATIVES REVIEWS UBUNTU, and of course, Michael Tellinger.