For those who may have missed the GLOBAL INITIATIVES REVIEW which I presented on Wednesday 24 JUNE 2015, I spent some time laying it down the line, as to what we have been going through behind the scenes here an Conscious Consumer Network, and our perspective with regards to the various Global Initiatives that are currently in the spotlight.

Having reached the mid year mark, I have taken it upon myself to share some of the details that are usually kept away from the public, in order to answer some of the questions we as a network have been facing, with regards to some of the decisions we have made, and some of the directions we have gone in with regards to certain people, and certain causes.

Having myself served in various Global Initiatives, including the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), Swissindo (God Sky Earth), and the most recent usurpation of my credibility going to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, the latest endeavour by the team bravely calling themselves New Earth Nation, I found myself in a positioned smack bang in the middle of the whole lot, with a over arching perspective not held by those who have perhaps not been so intimately involved in the entire process.

This week’s GLOBAL INTITIATIVES REVIEW gives a precise, down the line examination of Alternative Media and the various Global Initiatives currently using Alternative Media to raise funding.

As I say in the review, Media is indeed the very art of human study, if if you are not in constant observation, you are missing out in the amazing opportunity to learn and grow through the experiences and journeys of others.  As much as it is always disappointing to learn you have been used, or that you have endorsed or invested energetic currency into that which only perpetuates the old paradigm, the most important thing is to be able to recognise it, and to try our hardest not to repeat the same mistakes.  This is an amazing gauntlet of challenge, grown, understanding, and dare I say, forgiveness, of myself and of others.

That being said, we are delighted to welcome on a whole new range of shows and presenters for the second part of 2015, so stay tuned to Conscious Consumer Network.

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