The function of Conscious Consumer Network (CCN) is to provide ethical resources and tools to the alternative media, in the form of a multi media platform which includes the aspect of live streaming broadcasting.

CCN does not necessarily endorse or support all the work and views expressed on our network. CCN merely creates a space for creative expression, we do not determine what that creative expression is.

CCN does not take responsibility for any advice dispensed by any of the broadcasters.

All broadcasters use the CCN platform in full awareness of their accountability, always acting in integrity, and in complete transparency.

CCN aims to ensure responsible content, but ultimately CCN is not responsible for the actions of any viewer based on any information obtained from CCN.
Viewer discretion is advised.

CCN is not affiliated to any political, religious, socio-economic or cult group, nor do we endorse or support any form of violence or radicalisation.

CCN does endorse the pursuit of a fair, peaceful, sustainable world.