Being a foreign gal in a foreign land where I just about barely understand the language, and have great difficulty connecting with the average sleepy Joe, I have taken some time recently to reassess the meaning of COMMUNITY. There are many people who move around a lot, or who are not from that original community, and sometimes it can be a little isolating being new to an area. Having moved around a lot, I have found that one of the ways in which we can build community, is by being a CONSCIOUS CONSUMER

community journalismBeing a Conscious Consumer means being careful and of course conscious as to where we invest our energetic currency, and of course our Consumer Currency, be it Dollar or Euro or whatever.That which we give our currency to, be it energetic or financial, we empower, and most people don’t actually think about things on that level when they are out and about shopping and spending, particularly in the run up to Christmas. And herein lies the problem. We are so distracted by the merriment of it all, that we forget to think about what it is we are actually doing, as we have been inadvertently programmed into this ritualistic consumerism.

Christmas, or Corporate Christianity as I like to refer to it, has turned one of it’s most occult elements of this holiday, into a multi billion dollar spending frenzy. As I know it is a pointless endeavor to expect people not so buy gifts and go on shopping sprees, which are all very ritualistic rooted practices, I do encourage the Christmas Season ravished consumer, to consider where they are shopping, and what they are spending money on. Of course everybody wants the latest Apple gadget, and why wouldn’t you, in this day and age, information and technology have made platforms such as CCN, reachable from every part of the world on hand held technology. That being said, I do encourage people to support their local community by not shopping at the big corporate giants and super stores. There are so many struggling small family run businesses that have unique and beautiful items. Choosing to support your local community in your spending choices, is a gift unto it’s own, not only to those whom you are buying presents for, but also for those who’s businesses you help support. Choosing to be a Conscious Consumer, and in so doing, shopping and spending ethically, one is not only investing into the items we are purchasing, but we are giving life, and respect, acknowledgement perhaps, to the value and purpose of those around you, who all serve the community.

Conscious Consumer Network is looking for content specific to creating positive consumer habits and community relationships. If anybody wishes to film their Conscious Choices over the next few months, we are interested in airing your material on our network. It can be filmed from anything as small as smart phone, so long as you illustrate your point clearly as to what your choices are and why you are shopping / consuming there. Please make sure you have the permission of the local business / service / product supplier, before including their identity, but CCN is happy to promote any ethical products or businesses making a difference in the local community.

For more details, contact us at: info@consciousconsumernetwork.tv

As always, we thank all who embrace the Conscious Consumer ethic. It is in small ways that we make a big change, and we can effect this change for the better, in little things we do every day.

Peace Love Unity Respect

mel 150Mel Ve