“There is no nobility in being superior to your fellow man, only in being superior to your former self”
Earnest Hemmingway

Media is the very art of human study. True investigative journalism requires one to have a firm grasp on the workings of the human psyche. It is not enough to identify people by the kinds of labels handed down to us by hereditary prejudice. Indeed, we need to seek the deeper aspects of people’s being to truly assertain their inner workings. For me, the first place to start is by establishing the nature of the INTENT held by any individual. This can be done by seeking to understand what motivates them and how they go about achieving their aims. Again it is important not to fall into the trap of limiting the perception you can have of any individual or group of people, by automatically judging based upon what you have been taught to think through social conditioning. Being able to observe and reserve judgement is a skill that needs to be worked on, and it is a hard won treasure, but an essential place to operate from if one is to be effective in one’s capacity of investigation, followed by the accurate and non biased chronicling of observed information.

We have been taught through our social conditioning to identify people by certain labels and then to treat them according to what or how we identify them. All to often we automatically fall into the pattern of labelling something as GOOD or BAD. This is a total limitation of perception, so much so in fact, that in ancient cultures, they had no such concept as GOOD or BAD. In fact in the ancient Arabic language, there is no word for GOOD or BAD. The closest term is RIPE or UNRIPE. In using this term, one is not defined as either GOOD or BAD, rather as being in a state of experiential transformation. Often we need to experience hard times in order to grow and evolve. For what does not kill us, makes us stronger. This wisdom is so beautifully preserved in understanding of ancient languages, which has taught us that in labelling something definitively, we limit that thing, and the potential it may have to us. We all evolve at our own pace. Indeed, some people come to a more factual and cognitive understanding of the machinations of our pernicious society. Others remain wilfully ignorant and complicit in their own demise.

Due to the predatory nature of the world we live in, people have been taught to identify other individuals by how wealthy they are perceived to be, or by how much money they may bring in to any person / business by sizing up or judging the opportunity to gain capital or resources from said individual. It is almost as if we walk around with great big dollar / euro signs above our heads, and that is what people see first before they see the person.

Biggi and I recently conducted a very valuable social experiment which gave me great insight into the workings of the social construct. One of the most noticeable aspects I have observed in how people are trained to respond to and respect what they perceive as wealth or money. How we went about this experiment was to shave a mohawk into Biggi’s head, put him in tattered clothes, left him unshaven, and have him go about his daily business and errands in public. Not only where most people dismissive or rude to Biggi, but the police stopped him on every possible occasion to pester him to produce identification, which they like to do here in Holland. We tried the same experiment again, but this time with a more “socially acceptable” hair cut and business attire. The response to Biggi was completely different, and the police just ignored him.

newlogoiciylive (1) 260x125Biggi’s comments about the whole matter was rather profound. He said that inside he was still the same person, nothing had changed. He did not feel any different from one look to the next. All that had changed was how people perceived him based upon his external appearance. Biggi had not changed who he was or how he went about his business. Of course, anybody taking even a few moment to have an in-depth conversation with Biggi would realise just how intelligent and profound person he really is, irrespective of what he looks like. From the outside, nobody would ever guess or know that Biggi is the Technical Director of a TV network, and has produced over 800 shows since the launch of CCN on the 1 January 2015, and that he was able to build my vision, and make it a reality as has happened with CCN.

Being the Creative Director of the such a progressive and cutting edge media platform has given me the opportunity to work with some of the very best in the world of information gathering and dissemination. What I have observed from my humble perspective, for what ever it may be worth to anybody, is that those who are the very best at what they do, are the ones who have a spiritually mature process of judgement, which is to say that they are not judgemental. They are open to all information and realities, and process all options with an open mind. This needs to happen in order to communicate with integrity to those who trust your perspective, and thus not have the information tainted by pre exiting dogmas and jaded perspectives.

With this in mind, I say this with all the love in my heart when proclaiming my utter disgust and indignation at the majority of people who continue to contribute to a society which perpetuates war and suffering for profit, and in so doing, they create suffering for themselves. These are the people most likely to misjudge those of us who are dedicated to creating a better world. The reason for this is that most people are so wrapped up in their own lives and personal agendas, whilst seeking to escape the perpetual cycle of debt enslavement, that often they can not fathom the vast scope of the over all problem, or just how all our problems are ultimately linked to the bigger picture. What these people fail to recognise is that all is connected. The large majority of suffrage and darkness that plagues humanity, is ultimately all linked to the Artificial Construct which keeps us enslaved.

Would it not be great to know for sure that a great majority people wanted what is best for humanity, and that we all share a common vision of working towards the creation of a just, peaceful, sustainable world, where suffering is lessened, and abundance increased. Sadly the reality is that most people are actually complicit in their own demise, due to the indoctrination and social programming that we have all been subjected to since we were born. An example of this is how the majority of people are that naive about the way things are, that they are willingly programmed into poisoning their own bodies, and that of their children’s, with toxins and chemicals, by the advertising and spin of consumer killing conglomerates who care only about profit.

So let us not pollute our hearts by judging too quickly. Let us engender a practice of tolerance and understanding for each other’s journey. Know that all plays a part in the cosmic unfolding. And as we carve out our individual paths though life, let us not forget to reach out our hands to our brothers and sisters, especially the ones who are making strides in the creation of a better world, for all to often, they are the ones who have suffered the most, which is why they are so motivated to make a change for the better.

Being able to have a front row seat to the best university on the planet, is truly an honour and a privilege. The opportunities we have created here at CCN, for the greater mass populace to learn and grow from, is limitless. What an amazing journey it has been, and we thank everybody who has contributed to this experience in some way. And as we move ever closer to the world we are so desperately trying to create, I implore my fellow man to seek, to grasp and never to judge to harshly, for we are all on this journey of self discovery, and we must all find our true purpose and place within the unfolding cosmic gauntlet of challenge and discovery.

Peace Love Unity Respect

mel 150Mel Ve