Message from Mel Ve

CCN Creative Director

I have never been one been one to shy away from challenges. Indeed, in a world where all to many take the hard trodden path, we have made a life’s journey that has proven to be much more interesting by constantly choosing the path less travelled. From the perspective of humanities true state, being one of, at best, mundane banality, but more realistically, it is one of utter desperation and depravity, one need only look around them to see why we are not exactly inspired by the apathy and ignorance of a largely dumbed down mass populace. The reality is, we are all capable of such amazing endeavours, as we are beings of vast creative capacity. However we have been limited by a system of scarcity and fear based programming which is ultimately responsible for our current destructive behavioural patterns, which really need not even exist if we were able to channel our energies and resources constructively.

Holding the vision for a fair, peaceful, sustainable world, is not merely the far fetched ideals of utopian dreamers, indeed, it is the right of every being to live in a world where suffering is not perpetuated for the purposes of profit. Most people believe that it is okay to live in a state where war is perpetuated for profit, and where we have to be predatory in order to survive. This is an artificially unbalanced state of being, and is nowhere near in alignment with Natural Law.

The most important elements in seeking a brighter tomorrow, is education, and I mean real education, based on real information. With advances in technology, media has become accessible to almost anybody, anywhere.
The problem with media of the past is that the purpose and intent of media had very little to do with educating and informing the general population, rather it has been used primarily as a tool to manage public opinion, and brainwash people into accepting a system of utter barbarity and servitude. Instead of using media for entertainment and distraction, it is time to integrate media and education, into a new genre, and to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

newlogoiciylive (1) 260x125The purpose behind the creation of Conscious Consumer Network, was to create a LIVE broadcasting network which focuses on real information and solutions. We focus on providing people with real information so that they can empower themselves and make decisions based on all the facts.

The creation of a LIVE broadcast network dedicated specifically to educating people about truth, freedom and solutions, was no easy task, least of all due to the lack of resources available to sustain this project. None the less, after many years of preparation and research, not to mention tedious fund raising, Conscious Consumer Network launched it’s LIVE broadcasting service on 1 January 2015.

Being the Creative Visionary of a project that is so totally unique, has been and remains a phenomenal challenge. We are constantly pushing the boundaries forward into new territory, and we are only going from strength to strength as the viewing figures continue to rise. Every day more and more people are waking up and seeing the truth about our reality, and this awakening is made possible with the dissemination of truthful and empowering information.

CCN features the hottest line up in the world of FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA, as some of the most prolific voices of our time have found home within our broadcast network family.

300tugCCN features around 25 shows a week, as well as playing host to The Untangled Gathering symposiums, which drew an audience of over 400 000 to the last online gathering.

CCN runs on an annual budget of $60 000 a year, which is a fraction of the budget used by by main stream television and news organisations. We are a community run channel, and we do not bow to anybody. CCN and all the broadcasters are all totally FREE & INDEPENDENT in their pursuit and dissemination of information.

We broadcast in English, French, Spanish and Dutch, and we are being joined by some of the best and brightest minds in Alternative Media.
Our current network of broadcasters is an international base of movers and shakers, who all know the value of what has been created with this network. We are always looking for new broadcasters and interesting shows concepts, so if you wish to discuss a potential opportunity to work with us, please get in touch.

CCN is a non profit media organisation that relies on the support of the public to keep the network on the air. We thank all of you who have supported this very ambitious project. It has been a very successful project, and we are going from strength to strength.imgo-5

There has come a need to take CCN to the next level, and that means upgrading to our own secure servers, as well as a number of other adjustments to the infrastructure of the organisation, so please support us if you can by making a contribution to the NETWORK SUPPORT FUND, or Pledge to support FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA, by becoming a monthly pledger for only 10Euros a month. Our gift to all pledgers is to have FREE & UNLIMITED ACCESS to CCN’s High Definition archive which is available at ETHIMARKET http://www.ethimarket.com/

Thank you to everyone who has tuned in and continues to support FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA.

Peace Love Unity Respect

mel 150Mel Ve



email us at:   info@consciousconsumernetwork.tv