As some of you may have experienced over the last few weeks, we have been having some severe technical issues.


The CCN website has been repeatedly hacked, as has Ethimarket website, which has been rebuilt several times now, to the point where we have had to re work the entire systematic functioning of how we distribute our High Definition archives.


Furthermore, our personal communications accounts have been repeatedly hacked, with one instance leading to all my Skype contacts being hacked via my Skype account.


Over the last few weeks, we have been having severe attacks on the LIVESTREAM going out, as well as the Broadcast software being hacked resulting in several shows being cancelled or being interrupted.


Today we have had the most severe attack to date, having had our entire internet connection taken out at the provider level by a high level attack. We are currently working to get the internet restored, and the network back on line.


We apologize for any cancellations in scheduled broadcasts. We will be rescheduling cancelled shows as soon as we get back up and running.


Going forward, it is ever more prudent that we get CCN into more secure servers. We have a funding campaign set up which incorporates the budget to acquire the necessary hardware and software to minimize attacks going forward, and we ask all those who support FREE & INDEPENDENT media to please contribute to helping us to help you. Unlike some other channels which are launching at the moment, we genuinely were attacked, and have been for several weeks, ask any of our broadcasters for verification. This is not a publicity stunt to drive funding. We have been running a very successful project in the form of CCN Live, and we look forward to going forward into 2016


To those responsible for the attacks, please be advised that all you are doing is solidifying our resolve to continue to bring truly FREE & INDEPENDENT media to the world. We will not be dissuaded, and we will never be stopped. Perhaps it is time you realize that, and start working with us, instead of against us. After all, your children also have to inherit this Earth.


Thank you for the loyalty and support of our BROADCASTERS & CONTRIBUTORS. Please share this message far and wide!


Peace Love Unity Respect

From Mel & Biggi here at CCN HQ