Stand together…. It’s our only hope.


This week has seen a lot of turmoil with the main stream media going overdrive on a number of issues designed to create division amongst humanity. We have seen the emergence of an end game that has been expected for a long time, and for those awake enough to see it the writing sure is on the wall, and a lot of people are tapping themselves on the back and saying “we told you so “…

But it goes so much deeper then that. What is seen on the surface is just such a small part of the bigger picture that requires us to look much deeper into things.

I am very blessed that as the Technical Director & Producer of every show on Conscious Consumer Network, I have front row seats to the best education in town. Not only that but I have the amazing opportunity to talk privately with amazing people who have unique outlooks on life, and that is why I am saying to you… Don’t fall for the game that is being forced down our throats.

First off I would like to give my two cents worth on something that is really hitting European Main Stream really hard is the perceived “ refugee crisis and the closing of the borders in Europe”, or at least that is how it being portrayed in the Main Stream Media. I love the use of the word “closing” here. It indicated a permanent fixture. It isn’t. It is not that travel between countries is no longer available, and it is not like the Schengen accord is no longer. Travel is still possible and still within Schengen regulations. What has happened is that travel between countries is being made harder based on country of origin, religious belief, financial status and potential job fill need. This is not a refugee crisis, this is a social status and racism crisis. It was very telling that somewhere on the Main Stream Media news, I heard that Germany is not able to house the influx of refugees, and has therefore decided to put them into the old concentration camps from the Second World War. I mean, you really can’t try and put a positive spin on those camps being used for something like this. Yet Main Stream is applauding the decision as a token of true humanity on the part of the German politicians.

equalThe worst part is that people are buying it. First off it should be made very clear to the Main Stream Media reading people, the real and only reason why these people are fleeing their country of origin. There is a very simple solution to the refugee crisis… STOP BOMBING SHIT…. The topic of understanding should not be how do we house and take care of these people (not that it is not a valid discussion mind you) rather, it should be how can we make it so that people don’t want to leave their country of origin. This is not a racism ideology that people should not be allowed to travel. The real issue is that people are being forced to travel due to being dislocated due to acts of war, and that can never be considered right or fair. The archaic attitudes of Racism and Elitism are behind the treatment of the refugees. This is evidences by instances such as the one where the Hungarian news reporter tripped a refuge father holding its child whilst running from police, to the throwing of food to people like they were dogs. This is disgusting treatment of our fellow human beings, which is encouraged through Racist and Elitist dogmas, and it is being used to cause division, to install hatred and dismay for your fellow human soul. We must never fall for it. We were all created equal.

Stand together…. It’s our only hope.

We are falling back into a very basic negative spiral. The amount of control passed down by the Controlling Oligarchs to their personal police forces who bide their very will, and who then in turn pass on that illusory power to private security companies, and they in turn, exercise that control on other individuals. The power of uniforms is truly astounding, and completely illusory.. And, what is scarier, is the acceptance of these illusory powers based on a piece of clothing or uniform, to completely give up your basic human rights such as freedom and privacy. I am not talking about business suits here, although that would be a topic for a completely different type of article, I am talking about privatized security firms and privatized ticket control firms. So called “Special Neighborhood Servants”employed to control the actions of others when in effect, they have no power. They have no say. They work purely on a systematic acceptance of perceived control based on their uniform.

It is simple. Everything is a contract. Every time you spend money, you engage in a commercial contract. About 99% of these contracts you enter willingly and probably even without realizing you are entering into a contract. But you are not understanding of the rules of contract. You do not have to accept being told you can’t walk somewhere, when it is a public space. You do not have to except being told to do something, if it is an offense to reason or may potentially cause harm, impede freedom or violate privacy. We should never accept being programed Nazi style into standing somewhere, saying something. You have that right to be free. You are human. You have rights. Stand up for those.

The other day myself and Mel were walking down a road we take almost on a daily basis, and for some reason some private firm security guy decided that we were not allowed to walk on a public road, and mentioned to us and to many others to take a different route home. There was no emergency, there was no reason for to change our route home other than for the protection of someone else’s financial interests. So since we are aware of our rights, and since it is public property, we walked straight through ignoring his pleas. However, we were the only ones. When we tried to explain to him that we were within our rights, and that he had no authority to impede a public road, shouts from other people came to not be so difficult.

This is the thing that controls us, the power that others take upon themselves to question and enforce perceived rules and regulations. Just because others find it acceptable due to their destructive social conditioning, we must not allow it to ever become ok to have our basic human rights breached. If you don’t want to be touched, then don’t let them touch you. If you want to go somewhere and it is public road go there. If you want to say what’s on your mind, then stand on your rights as a human then do that. Don’t forget, by you accepting their terms of contract allows them to control you.

And lastly something unfortunate has happened. Facebook, who is of course our most loved and despised spy site on the planet, has decided in a move that will most likely bring god knows how many people to the brink of self destruction, by allowing a DISLIKE button once again. This will most likely be used to rate posts and profiles based on the amount of likes and dislikes it gets. This is nothing more than a tool to cause hate and division. It allows for total annihilation of harmony and collaboration. Before the return of the DISLIKE button, if you did not like or disagreed, you could just ignore it and not publish it again, or you made a comment and left it at that. This goes deeper. This is designed to further enhance the human nature of bullying backed by a social infrastructure that supports this kind of behavior, especially within Alternative Media, which is known for its inability to work together with those whose viewpoint you don’t believe in.

stnd together tyrannyThis is a time where we NEED to stand together. We are seeing our liberties taken away at unprecedented speed, and with ever further reaching implications. Be a Conscious Consumer and engage all contracts with honor. Blindly accepting dishonorable contract will not get us anywhere, and only ends up hurting us in the end. There is no outside savior. Nobody is coming to rescue us. It is up to us. Somebody will eventually stand up and join the fight to our freedom.

Why don’t you be that somebody…..


Peace Love Unity Respect

Biggi Boho

Technical Director