With the ending of another solar cycle imminent, my usual cycle of inner processes and self directed learning has brought me to some pretty profound realizations about those who are on the media fore front pursuant of that ever needed change from what we are now experiencing. Not that I am wishing to create limitations on people by categorizing people into definitive distinctions, but for the sake of this demonstration, it is actually quite a simple realization and deduction to make.

There are two schools of thought on this:

  1. Those who are actively FIGHTING the system
  2. Those who take FLIGHT to find better environments

These are the two basic groups of “Better Worlders”, to use a rather prosaic term. These are the people who have woken up to the destructive nature of our reality, and are actively seeking solutions to bring about a better reality. But is it about genuinely about creating a better world, or just about creating a better life for themselves? Indeed, it is impossible to change the entire world, and it is egotistical to think that any one person can, although there are many who make a fine living pedaling messianic ideals pretending they have all the answers to heal the world. The problems of our world are too deep rooted to change them in one foul swoop. So far, the only way I have seen sustained change for the better come about, is through reaching the minds, hearts and logic of people, and engaging in a long term ongoing deprogramming and a re-educational process. Often this can be a very painful and frustrating process, and indeed, there are many who are just looking for a quick fix of our present solutions, without having to work to hard to get there, because there is much confusion and misdirection.

Having been on this journey of discovery for many years now, and having actively engaged with all aspects of this information, what I have come to know for myself is, there is no quick fix. The reality is, even if you found a way of somehow distributing millions of dollars to each and every person on the planet, most people lack the stability, capability, savvy, emotional maturity and genine lack of selflessness to deal with such a large influx of resource in a manner that is constructive and beneficial to the planet long term. This is largely due to the unfortunate programming that mainstream media has subjected us to. And thus, it sometimes would seem that the only option is to retire from the madness, and escape to a self-sustaining environment, where we can do our own thing, and not be subject to the rules, regulations, restrictions, taxations and murderous practices of the Cabal.

Having been intimately involved in many projects, and having been privy to the experiences of many people who are “getting away from it all”, and having seen the formation of Utopian based projects such as the New Earth, The One People in Morocco, MIP Peru, and many other various independent communities such as the one run by Wade Lillico, I have yet to see any of these turn out nothing by bad stories and shattered lives. The influx of stories and letters I have received from people about this very topic, is frightening. Apart from the creature comforts we have become used to in the “western world” (for lack of a better term), most people lack the skills, adaptability, fitness, physical and mental strength, resilience and tenacity to make these changes. I have heard many times about this or that group hypothesizing about obtaining piece of land or farm, or an island, and creating a utopian community fit for their kids to inherit, because the world as it is right now, certainly is not fit for children. That is a lot easier said than done of course, and there are a few obvious key points that people neglect to take into account:

Let’s for argument’s sake say that one manages to get an island, and the world’s most awake, aware and talented people flock there to start their own community, leaving the rest of the world to “rot in hell” so to speak… and lets say it does succeed, and everybody is very comfortable and very happy, there is abundance and complete freedom…. How long do you think it is going to be before the rest of the world takes a look at that and goes “Ah, I want a piece of that thank you”, and it wont remain a paradise for long, because that is the pattern throughout history. It wont be long before they rock up with army armies and helicopters and they commandeer the place irrespective of how “sovereign” or “independent” any piece of paper may profess the that place to be.

I myself am descended from a group of people known historically as the Huguenots, who after gaining their complete religious freedom after many years of religious wars, fled their homes in France during the Roman Catholic persecution going on towards Protestants Calvinists, for new beginnings in what is now known as South Africa, and became what we know today as the Boers. Not long after that, many of the Boers were killed by the British in the Anglo Boer Wars, also known as the Freedom Wars. This is because the Boers were literally fighting for their freedom from the invading British forces. But the British wanted the gold, and after losing the first Anglo-Boer / Freedom war, they engaged on the most expensive war they have ever engaged in, being the second Anglo-Boer / Freedom war, destroying the Boer nations who had been living in South Africa peacefully along side the natives. The descendants of the Boers who survived the wars, and who are the original white tribe of South Africa, a tribe from which I am descended, are now being exterminated in a ritualistic manner by Jesuit run CULTS of disgruntled and suffering people, as South Africa plummets everyday further into desperation. South Africa truly is a paradise, and could have remained that, being so far from the rest of the world, but as history has shown, there is nowhere to run!

Any truly successful break away society on large piece of land, or an island, would have to keep it’s existence a secret, in order to not attract too much attention, which would also mean a limitation of access so as not to destroy it completely. Which brings me to the point of, those who do this to create a better world, and those who do this to create a better life for themselves by running away from the problems of the rest of the world, and setting up break away societies. The issue is, we are all on this planet together, we all breath the same air, we all drink the same water, and the quality of both is depleting rapidly on a global scale due to large amounts of deliberately distributed pollution perpetuated by the Cabal. That is not going to change by running away to Utopiaville. I myself have run from one place to the next, having moved from South Africa to England, and then from England to Holland. Each time I was trying to get away from the things I hated about the place I was running from, in pursuit of a better life, only to realize that we can run, but we can’t hide. If we live on this planet, at some point, we are going to be faced with the problems in some capacity or another. Hiding will only keep you safe temporarily. We can’t hide and we can’t do nothing. All that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing. And that means that there are those of us who are going to have to fight back, instead of running off like cowards to a coconut scattered paradise, and it means that there will be casualties and losses, but in all honesty, having done what we do for so long now, I just do not see any other option but to hold our ground, and fight back. Running away will only keep us safe for so long until they find you.

I get so many messages from my fellow South Africans who often ask me the same question, “How do I get out of here?” It makes me sick to my stomach actually, not because I judge them for wanting to run away from the hardship, chaos and fear in South Africa, but because I did that, and I regret it. I know that I would never have woken up and learned all that I had learned if I had stayed living under the safety net of my close minded, materialistic beach front community that is my hometown of Umhlanga Rocks, because indeed, everybody there lives under Umhlanga rock. To a certain extent, the decision to go abroad and seek out a better place to exist has been part of the process of realization that there is nowhere to run. We all need to stand our ground. We need to re educate ourselves, and others around us. What we need to change our reality, is a complete change in mind set, and this will be done through a long term commitment to deprogramming and re-education, and making small changes day by day in your consumer habits, your community and your immediate environment. Change happens when we take responsibility for our knowledge and act upon this, instead of allowing ourselves to be subject to indoctrination. Our true power is within, and now is the time to stand strong, not to run away.

At CCN, we are committed to the long-term re-education of humanity, through the dissemination of information that is relevant to the pursuit of a FREE, FAIR, JUST, SUSTAINABLE world.

Peace Love Unity Respect

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