Being on this path of discovery, growth, the pursuit of truth and a better world, I have come across many different people with many different outlooks and perspectives, not all of them in alignment, and many of them in contrast and contradiction to each other.

One of the greatest challenges I have had to face, is unlearning what we are taught by main stream education, media and indeed society, which includes the tendency to be judgmental of anything that is different to the way we are or how we do things, even if we think we know better.With the upsurge in awakening beings, all searching for truth and solutions, there has been a massive growth in the realm of what I term pseudo-spiritual, and by this I am referencing those who have clung to the understanding of energetics so fervently that it has become the latest religious cult, and like all religious and cult indoctrinated fanaticisms, it comes with its own share of bigotry and intolerances to anything that may different to how these pseudo spiritual types think or do.

One abstract example of this is that these pseudo spiritual types will remove you or even block you on Facebook for daring to use the word FUCK in your status update, because the “negativity lowers their energetic vibration”. In the eyes of these pseudo-spiritual types, who usually have rather large egos, and a misplaced belief in being all knowing and wise, the process of expression in the form of a well needed vent or rant, is offensive to them, as it might “harsh their vibe”, or something to that effect.My observation of such people, and not to be hypocritical by being judgmental, is that they are often projecting at other people in order to compensate for their own unfulfilled needs of desires. They often hold themselves in such high regard because of their supposed “spiritual” being or outlook, but are often the most lacking in integrity, tolerance, common sense, and are some of the most out of touch with reality people out there. These pseudo-spiritual types, who often make money out of selling their particular brand of spirituality, are also some of the biggest cowards, who are often unable to face or deal with difficult situation, rather choosing to hide behind the excuse of “ not being able to deal with the energetics”, or something to that effect. We all know people like this.

Being the CREATIVE DIRECTOR of CCN, I have had the opportunity to work with many different people from all walks of life, all with different personalities and outlooks, and indeed, it is necessary to have variety, for how boring CCN would be if we were all exactly the same. Variety and different points of view are required in order to gain much needed perspective, which simply cannot be gleamed from a singular point of view. From my perspective, what ever that may be worth to anybody, I have more respect for those who would rant honestly and passionately, and with the fullest expression of their being, than those who hide behind a thin veneer of pretentious pseudo spirituality, pretending that life is all about rainbow farting unicorns. The simple fact is, life is tough, and we live in a very difficult world, with many challenges, and many horrific things that go on every single day. It is simply ignorant to the state of our affairs on our planet, and to those who are suffering as a result, to pretend this is not true. Indeed I agree that one should not be overwhelmed by the horrors and atrocities of our world, for they are too many to count, and that does not get us anywhere. It takes ten times longer to put yourself back together than is does to fall apart. But there are times when honest expression is necessary, whatever form that might take, be it perceived as negative or positive by whichever judgmental party feels justified in persecuting or judging others for said expression.

One of the founding principles of CCN is FREEDOM OF SPEECH. We all have the right to express ourselves, and if people don’t like it, all they have to do is simply not pay attention to it, rather than to condemn others for choosing to express themselves in a manner that somebody else may not find pleasing. We simply cannot mentally burden ourselves with the worry of what others may think, for that creates a schism in the human psyche. If you have something to say, then say it. Keeping stuff bottled up inside will make you sick and bitter. For your own health and sanity, I fully support FREE & HONEST expression, whatever form that may take. I respect those who have the courage to honestly and passionately express themselves, no matter how many four-letter expletives they may feel the need to include in their particular expression, and no matter what subject they chose to express. If that subject or expression is of no value or relevance to me, I simply ignore it, rather than condemn it. The highest form of spirituality in my humble opinion, is LOGIC, REASON and TRUTH, and has nothing to do with how much you meditate or how much yoga you do, or how wise and “spiritually enlightened” you pretend to be in order to sell your latest book on “Your journey to spirituality”. More important than anything as prosaic as book sales is integrity and respect, and it does not matter how spiritual you pretend to be, without basic integrity or respect, none of the pretty words you project in your attempt to create your uber marketable new age external locus of identity, has any substance, truth or relevance to what is real and necessary in our trying times.


Mel Ve