With the reaching of a milestone at Conscious Consumer Network, we have decided to celebrate by launching a new look, more user friendly website, for our viewing audience to peruse.  It is a year since we first registered the website, having successfully launched the LIVE BROADCAST service on the 1 January 2015.  That being said, this was no where near the beginning of this journey.  It took many years of experience / training, and several more of research, not to mention much planning and preparation, ahead of the launch of such an ambitious project, which had no lesser aim than to create a media network dedicated to genuine Investigative Journalists, and other well seasoned journey men and women, who have been on the hard worn path of the communication and dissemination of educational, well researched, truthful and empowering information.

For some time, the only organised facilities for live broadcasts that were accessible to the Alternative Media, was online radio.  Various Alternative TV networks have come and gone, because of the huge cost required to run them.  Indeed, there is a virtual black out on alternative information on main stream media television.  The aim with the CCN project, was to create a LIVE visual newlogoiciylive (1)education and broadcast network, that was not just radio based, that would have features and qualities comparable to those of the well funded main stream media television networks, and that were easy to use, and accessible to all.  This is a tremendous challenge when working with a very humble budget and minimal resources, but somehow we realised this very ambitious aim.  The infrastructure created within CCN, facilitates the ability to broadcast live on the ground journalism from all over the world, by anybody, anywhere.  We have evolved many interesting and unique features that accompany this unique network, such as encrypted broadcast software, the ability to SHARE SCREEN, PA– USE and REWIND during LIVE BROADCASTS, as well as being able to access the CCN LIVE BROADCAST functionality directly from FACEBOOK.

CCN is not only about the creation of a broadcast network for FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA, it has been a delicately co ordinated project, which takes much discernment and wisdom from behind the scenes.  Media is a circus.  Indeed that has been the very nature of the design, is to confuse us and keep us running around in circles.  This fact is the same for main stream media, as well as much of the Alternative Media, which is largely co opted.
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Not wishing to confuse people with irrelevant and distracting disinformation, the greatest challenge in creating a platform for FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA, is how to discern what is relevant, and what is distraction, without being accused of being a censor.  It has almost become a fad, but there are those very active bodies on social media, who are ever so intent on dragging others into cult like distractions, and who will accuse one of censorship or being a shill, if we choose not to pay any of our energetic currency into deliberately distracting illusions. Being the CREATIVE DIRECTOR of a cutting edge, professionally run broadcast network, comes with the massive responsibility of not providing a platform for damaging distractions and disinformation.  It does take a great deal of experience and knowledge to be able to discern what is what, and this discernment is a well honed tool that has been developed over 20 years of working in all areas of media.  Indeed, media is the very art of human study.  It opens up the opportunity to interact, experience, and learn from people of other cultures and backgrounds.  A cumulative experience of almost half of my life to date goes into the discernment I must exercise in the selection process with regards to content on CCN.  Still, this is not an easy task, and not all decisions I make please all parties, and indeed, it would be impossible for me to attempt to please everyone.  All I can ever do is go with what makes the most sense, and what feels right from within.  I don’t always get it right, but I am always ever so grateful to have the grounded council of some of the wisest beings that I have the privilege to work and interact with.

widget ethimarketAt CCN, we are constantly striving to evolve towards a methodology of Best Practice.   We are always pushing our standards higher and higher.  When you are working with cutting edge concepts and information, often there is no guiding margin of measure apart from one’s own intuition.  Sometimes, the only way to work out that which works best, is by trial and error.  We thank all the valuable contributors to our network, who have helped us fine tune various elements of our operational process.  Even those who would seem to have brought us negativity and bad experiences, have actually served us in sharpening our instruments of action and creation, as we assess, understand and grow with each experience

The realisation of a visionary concept is not to be taken lightly.  From the very outset of this ambitious project, we knew there would be challenges, but nothing could have prepared us for the cosmic gauntlet we have had to navigate.  None the less, we are still here and into our eight month of broadcasting, with the strongest line up yet in terms of movers and shakers in the world of truthful information and alternative education and solutions.  The greatest challenge which faces CCN at present, is the long term sustainability of the network.  CCN has an operational budget of $60 000 a year, which is a fraction of the total annual sum spent on running any main stream media television network, in fact, they plow through that money in one day, whilst putting out indoctrinating, deliberately confusing material, in order to control humanities perceptions, opinions and attitudes.

Wishing to keep CCN totally FREE & INDEPENDENT, means not succumbing to government or corporate sponsorship.  Please help us keep CCN on the air and totally FREE & INDEPENDENT. Please donate to CCN’s Network Support Fund or become a monthly pledger for only 10 euros a month, and gain access to all of CCN’s High Definition archives available at ETHIMARKET –

CCN has reached viewers in 175 countries, with an average of a million hits on our website every day, with viewing figures climbing every month that we are on air.

CCN has got lots more in store for the viewing audience, so stay tuned, and thank you for supporting FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA.

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