A LIGHTHOUSE IN THE STORM: Weathering the turbulent world of media by Mel Ve


There is so much speculation going around regarding CCN, without anybody actually coming to the source to see if any of the many lies being spewed, have any bearing in reality.  It is of course no surprise to see the usual drama vortex makers casting their wicked SPELLS of distraction and ignorance onto impressionable and vulnerable minds of CULT programmed victims, addicted to the pain and drama.  The simple truth is, nobody has yet got any of the speculation correct, with regards to CCN, and where this network is headed.  There has been so much going on behind the scenes, despite the various online hatred feeding frenzies attempting to destroy us.  This would not be the first time, nor is this pattern original, for all too often we have seen people depart from the broadcaster family, only to create public smears about CCN being a dying network, which is far from the case, as we are still here and not going anywhere.  Only we know where we are as a network, how things are running, and were we stand on certain matters, and at no time does any online drama affect the integrity of the network.  We are simply too strong for that.  We would not have survived this long if that were not the case.

CCN is an extremely challenging project to run in many respects, as every person we work with presents a risk of turning dark and doing something stupid, which ultimately impacts on us for having given that person a platform in the first place.  One of the biggest lessons I learned whilst working in the business world whilst I lived in London, is that the most unpredictable element of any business or organisation, is the people you work with.  The great thing about having created this platform, is that it has given us a great opportunity to observe and learn, and to spot the perils and destructive patterns, whilst healing ourselves from the destructive programming of our society.

August has been a month of interesting revelations within the collective making up the world of Alternative Media, which seems to have undergone a sorting of the wheat from the chaff, exposing those who are truly spiritually evolved, and those who are just hooked on the roller coaster ride of drama.  We have seen some interesting breakdowns, exposes, guru’s unravelled, hate mobs incited and level headed people seemingly loosing their soul to rage and hatred through the fanned flames of confusion that is all being orchestrated from several levels.  Whilst all this has been going on, the CCN Team has been working quietly behind the scenes, beneath all the distraction and confusion, to get the next part the project launched.  Thanks to some strategic operational adjustments, we have strengthened the CCN team, as well as securing the growth of Conscious Consumer Network on an international scale.  The necessary adjustments in the infrastructure are now in place, and after much time spent working to find the most effective methodology of Best Practice, not to mention sorting out all the technical aspects, we have finally completed the initial transitionary phase in order to begin the next stage of the CCN project.  This process has taken several months to complete, starting with the installation of a the Private Server back in March, to the initiation process of the system repair and upgrade, which is now partly completed, to the rebuilding of the CCN website to include a separate ARCHIVE website, to the building of the various partner websites such as ConsciousCommunities.org, as well as creating online portals and marketing tools for our various broadcasters and supporting projects. With this infrastructure now in place, we are ready to grow, and can now deal with the increased capacities of operation.

There have been so many different parts of the entirety of this media project, and we have been engaged in an interesting experiment, whilst working out what is what and who is who in this mad world, but through a mammoth gauntlet of challenges, we have developed a finely tuned, truly FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA network, held together with much hard earned experience and integrity, and having overcome some interesting challenges and learning experiences.  We have had the opportunity to work with some amazingly knowledgeable beings, and together, we have built a rich archive of vital information that is going to benefit our present and future generations.

It is always a challenge to stay balanced and focused on our objectives, which remains the pursuit of a FREE, FAIR, JUST, SUSTAINABLE world.  We intend to continue on this path, and that means, continuing to bring content from many different sources and on many different topics, in many different languages, from all around the world.  Thank you to the many people who have supported CCN, and a big thank you to those who have written to us with information, words of encouragement or appreciation.  We love you all, and continue to make strides towards creating a better world for us all.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve


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