LETTER OF REFERENCE from Eilish de Avalon



My name is Eilish De Avalon and I’ve been a Broadcasting Journalist with Conscious Consumer Network www.consciousconsumernetwork.tv for a year now and a follower of CCN since they launched on January 1, 2015.

I have my own show on the Network called We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For which airs for two hours weekly without fail every Monday 11 pm GMT/BST for which I happily pay my broadcasting fees and associated costs to the Creative Director and Producers Mel and Biggi.

I pay a broadcasting fee for this service every month, and includes the production of the shows as well as the archiving and promoting which both CCN crew and I go to great lengths in doing across our websites and social media.

They also helped me with branding, artwork logistics, the complete building of my website www.eilishdeavalon.com and are still helping me with a Quantum Kinesiology Academy I’m currently building for which the website is being built by Biggi who is a consummate professional.

I have a great friendly trusting professional working relationship with CCN and they provide all sorts of creative, technical, and even personal support for me which I’ve greatly benefitted from. I am completely satisfied with the level or professionalism and value for money I’ve received from any services rendered from CCN. In fact they’ve both gone out of their way above and beyond my expectations in delivering quality services in broadcasting services, archiving, website building, promoting, website alterations, social media promotions, maintaining up to date information on their own website www.consciousconsumernetwork.tv and www.ccn.media

I’m so happy with CCN I even paid a year in advance at one point so I’m pre-paid up to July 2017 because of their track record in providing quality service I trust CCN enough to pay them a year’s broadcasting in advance.

I also enrolled for further mentoring and technical training in Mel’s Journalism Academy in which she way more hours than we originally purchased, for further mentoring and technically training her two student new broadcasters. Finding a time to accommodate me in Australia for our European based network was a challenge but did journalism academy every week for about 6 months, way longer than we first paid for. Myself and other students would go through hours of training from the ethics in Journalism, to the use of digital software programs such as Power Point and iMovie to assist us with our Broadcast Journalism, depending on the style of presentations we wished to produce.

Biggi has gone over and above what I would ever have expected or even received in the running of the network, they don’t just provide a platform for my shows and the archiving and such associated work but the background support and mentoring in way above and beyond any other media establishment I’ve ever worked for…. and I’m a former Murdoch print media journalist so I’ve come from big corporations.

Conscious Consumer Network is way more hands on, approachable, technically savvy and tirelessly dedicated to offering a safe, secure 24 hour international multi-lingual operation over 100 countries and they’ve produced over 1500 shows which stands testament to both the dedication of the network staff as well as the positive working relationship they have with their broadcasters.

I’ve even see how Biggi and Mel have dealt with criticism and unsubstantiated accusations and I just wanted to share my personal experience with you because they’ve always handled issues with grace and fairness and even forgiveness when other people have behaved ungratefully or rudely. I’m most happy to provide this written reference and am available to offer a face to face cyber interview if requested bearing in mind that I’m in Australia 16 hours ahead of America in time. If you wish to speak with me further my email is info@eilishdeavalon.com and my Skype is eilishgoddess

Yours sincerely

Eilish De Avalon

Broadcasting Journalist at Conscious Consumer Network TV
Hostess of CCN’s “We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For”