Message from Mel Ve



A big hello to all of you across the world, from Biggi and Mel here at CCN’s humble studio here in Holland.

Indeed, CCN is a humble project that has realised big things, in particular, what is possible if you hold the vision of a better world, and stand true to your ultimate purpose with pure intent. One of the most interesting observations I have made as Creative Director of such an ambitious project, is that true freedom is possible through the dissemination of ground breaking and empowering information. The ability to make constructive and beneficial decisions about our lives , has largely been difficult due to the lack of accurate information being disseminated by the Cabal controlled main stream media.


CCN was set up as a collaborative project, aimed at providing a space for the broadcasting of live visual media akin to that of main stream media capacities. Not only have we achieved this very ambitious aims, we have managed to surpass the ease of use and accessibility of well funded main steam media, by doing, what my beloved Biggi refers to as “Mc Gyvering it”. It is possible to set the world on fire with chewing gum and a piece of wire, and of course, a little bit of ingenuity. Indeed, the way in which THE POWERS THAT WERE have kept us in such a state of destructive ignorance, is by keeping technological and media capacities, largely controlled, and ever so complicated and expensive to use. In controlling the media, they have moulded the minds and perceptions of a largely dumbed down mass populace…. but that is changing.


Never before has any project been able to have such a wide spread impact with such minimal resources. This is the beauty in the simplicity of the design behind CCN

The entire CCN network is held together literally on a shoe string. To date, we have not come across any other project or community media outlet, that has had the same kind of impact and reach as CCN, which such a basic infrastructure. The entire project has been a huge success, as he viewer numbers continue to grow, as do the visitors to the website, which goes to prove, you don’t need millions, or even billions to change the world, just the efforts and pure intentions of those who hold a common vision of creating a fair, peaceful, sustainable world.


ccn logo white line 164One of the more interesting elements of CCN that the mass populace may not be aware of, is the fact that CCN is in every way, geared towards structural organisation for a new paradigm. Those who work with us as broadcasters, know that the way in which we run CCN is completely unique to any other media outlet or organisation, due to the fact that the model which we have used to construct CCN is based on operational modalities for a new paradigm. The primarily axis at the heart of all organisations, is the driving factor of self preservation and profit. CCN is a non profit organisation that will only operate while it is necessary and relevant.


The reason why our world is broken, and the structures and institutions are crumbling, is because they are no longer relevant. All things evolve, indeed, evolution is the primary purpose of existence. When institutions and organisations preserve themselves without evolving, they become irrelevant. As collective humanity evolves through the absorption and processing of the kind of information available at CCN, they are likely to realise that these institutions are no longer relevant, necessary or beneficial to the greater good.


Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Well barely a day goes by when we are not dealing with some complication, challenge or technical issue.

Within 3 days of launching the new look CCN website, we were severely hacked at server level. Our current server provider has informed us that this was a rather sophisticated hack. We are still trying to restore all the files, posts and articles that were deleted or damaged.


We launched ETHIMARKET as a means of creating a High Definition archive that could potentially assist in covering the costs of running CCN. Unfortunately, it too was hacked, and all the files downloaded and uploaded to another site where they have been charging to view CCN produced content without our knowledge or consent. Due to the fact that CCN content is the common heritage of all beings, it is difficult for us to pursue any legal actions against such perpetrators, without violating our own founding principles.


Our payment gateways such as Pay Pal, and our various accounts, continue to find new and obscure reasons to block our operating capacities and stopping payments / pledges / donations from being processed, due to “technical glitches”.

It seems that the POWERS THAT WERE are ever so intent of making life as difficult for us as possible. They have not been able to stop or discourage us yet, despite the large number of challenges we have had to overcome, but they are ever so intent hitting us where it hurts, and that is by harming our potential to generate the resources needed to sustain the network.


In spite of all this, we continue to trooper on and grow in reach, despite the untruthful lamentations of disgruntled former broadcasters, who claim that CCN is a “dying network”, and who have been telling people not to donate to us… Sacha Stone, Brian Kelly, Jeremy Ayres and India Merkerson… So sad you have tried to destroy our project just because you have a bruised ego. Get a grip! Free & Independent Media is not about you, and it never will be!

Truth seeking audiences naturally gravitate towards those they trust. How can you trust people who are completely self invested to the point of being destructive towards others?


ai big logoJust to set the record straight, CCN is for from a dying network… the most recent Untangled Gathering Symposium on AI and Mind Control which aired LIVE pulled in over 400 000 viewers to the LIVE broadcast on CCN, which is our highest viewing audience to date.


There is plenty more to come on CCN as The Untangled Gathering is set to bring more ground breaking information to the public from the best possible sources.


It has taken some sifting of the wheat from the chaff, but we have managed to acquire the best line up in Alternative Media by far, and we are only growing from strength to strength with each amazing new broadcaster that chooses to use CCN for the dissemination of their content and media. We are truly blessed to be in such good company, and to have the support and appreciation of some of the most influential and profound voices of truth and freedom, operating from within the space with have created here at CCN.


What an awesome journey it is to be able to create this space and engage the flow of information in the capacity that we have deemed possible through CCN.

widget ethimarketNever could I ever have dreamed of fulfilling such an ambitious project on such humble resources, but here we are into our eight month of broadcasting, and we have much more to in store for you all, but we need the support of the public to continue. CCN runs on a budget of $60 000 per annum, and we simply can not continue if we are not able to pay for the basics such s studio rental, internet etc. Please support CCN by donating to the Network Support Fund. We provide our LIVE STREAM broadcast in HIGH DEFINITION to the viewing audience without charge, as we do not wish to limit anybody’s ability to access information that is necessary in order to create a positive and constructive world.


The You Tube archives are available to all who have missed out on any broadcasts, and we have upgraded the quality of the resolution. The High Definition archive is available from at for 5Euros a download. Alternatively, gain unlimited access to all CCN’s HD downloads by becoming a monthly pledger for only 10Euros a month, or 100Euros a year.


If you are unable to support CCN financially, please support us by sharing the links to our archives shows, with as many people and social media groups as possible. We go to great lengths to provide quality broadcasts and information, please use it as it was intended, to awaken and educate those who are searching for a better world. Share our information and archived links with as many people as you can, and who knows, you may change a life for the better. And even if it is only one person, that is enough.


As always, we thank everybody who has tuned into CCN over the last 8 months. Thank you for your ongoing support. We feel the love from you all and we sent it right back to you.


mel 150Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve