Emergency Exclusive Live Show.


PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE YOU CAN! We are in urgent need of help. Within days, the CCN producers Biggi & Mel, will be homeless, due to non-payment of rental for the CCN studio space. Furthermore, their webhosting capacities will cease unless their annual hosting bill is paid. We are trying to raise 2, 500 euros within 7 days to keep a roof over their head and to keep CCN on the air.

HopeGirl of the Fix the World Organization is stepping in to do an exclusive 2hour live special with Mel Ve this Thursday March 10th at 7PM GMT. There are many sides to CCN we want to know about! This media platform, and the work of these two amazing people has not gone unnoticed. We’ll be doing a full run down of their extensive history in this field and you’ll learn things about CCN that will amaze you, very much like it amazed me.

We’ll also be clearing the air around some of the controversy that has come up in recent months around the network and some of the expose’s that have rocked our world in 2015. Like wise, in true “truth warrior” style we will be doing some more exposing on this show around some recent events.

Plus we’ve got some exciting announcements to share, which includes a possible re-location of CCN headquarters to Morocco.  CCN is not alone, Fix the World stands by them and we ask you to join us in our efforts. If it wasn’t for platforms like CCN we wouldn’t have the kind of grassroots movement power we need to have our voices heard and fight the corruption in our world. This is more important than we even realize and we want to show you why on our live show tomorrow night.

Please tune in live Thursday March 10th at 7PM GMT (London)  and 2PM EST (New York).  Live chat will be available and we encourage you to join in. Here is the link: http://consciousconsumernetwork.tv/ccn-live/ 


Here is the link to our emergency funding campaign for you to donate to:

We thank you for supporting FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA.
Peace Love Unity Respect

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CCN Producers