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Civil war is looming in South Africa.  It is being orchestrated by international intelligence agent provocateurs, to bring about the much anticipated depopulation of South Africa through bloodily conflict.  This should come as no surprise to those of you who have been following my work or have read my book, THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY book I Light & Dark.

The long anticipated civil war that has been wanted and planned by the cabal is now in the starting phases.  Having recognised the patterns of this due to my own work and research on the true history and events in South Africa, I have begun doing what I can to help those I can by raising awareness and petitioning the European Union to assist.  Two days after I sent this letter to various government heads, my documentary film, THE LAST OF THE BOERS, was removed from You Tube today after having received over 61000 views.  My letter is below:

23 February 2016

The Hague, The Netherlands
To the Honorable Minster


For and on behalf of our fellow county men and women who are TRAPPED in South Africa, I write as a representative of an international coalition of humanitarian bodies, wishing to see international attention, solution and aid directed to a dire state of affairs that seems to be ignored by the international community.

The South African government under the ruling African National Congress party, as well as their immediate opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, have in recent months, through various public statements, at public meetings and via media, confirmed a long suspected agenda for the eradication and extermination of the “white” / “European” population of South Africa.
Many “white” / “European” farmers along with their families, have already been murdered, some in a most violent fashion, with death often following much torture.

Those who are not murdered are being left to starve to death due to further marginalization caused by post Apartheid policies of Black Economic Empowerment, which excludes all “white” / “European” people from obtaining employment. This is further compounded by the fact that all forms of social support in the form of benefits / social welfare / housing, is completely off limits to “white” / “European” people, resulting in over a million “white” / “European” people now living in illegal squatter camps, many without electricity, sanitation and running water.

Since 1994, over 2 million “white” / “European” South Africans have now fled from South Africa, seeing refuge in foreign lands, often leaving their families behind, in search of better survival opportunities. For those who have been fortunate enough to be in possession of European / British passports due to birth or immediate ancestry, they have been afforded the opportunity to flee South Africa.

Unfortunately the fact remains that for many “white” / “European” South Africans who have descended from the original European settlers, the opportunity to flee from South Africa is closed to them due to the restrictions around having a travel document that is known as a South African passport. Incidentally, despite being born in South Africa, having South African citizenship and a South African passport, as well as the legal right to live and work in South Africa, the South African government has decided that all “white” / “European” people in South Africa, are to be eliminated from the job market, are to be excluded from all forms of aid and social welfare, and are furthermore to be exterminated. There is no future for “white” / “European” South Africans in South Africa, as it is very clear they are not wanted there, as more than a million have been brutally murdered since 1994, when the African National Congress government took control of South Africa.

Everybody has the right to seek survival, to seek a better life, to seek opportunities. The right to survive should not be determined by paperwork. Those “white” / “European” South Africans wishing to return to Europe, should be allowed to do so irrespective of whether they hold the right passport. It is now public knowledge that there is a strategic genocide going on against the “white” / “European” people’s of South Africa. It is absolutely immoral for European State heads to turn their backs on their own people, who are trapped in a foreign land, and who will eventually be killed or be starved out under the current policies of Black Economic Empowerment.

It was the Dutch who first settled at the Cape in 1652 to establish a refreshment station for ships passing around the tip of Africa, to refresh during their long voyage to India along the lucrative trade routes. It was due to expansion and colonization that many European descendants are still trapped in now hostile former colonies.

We implore the Dutch Government, and indeed the European Union, to lift the restrictions to “white” / “European” South Africans with South African passports. A small book and pieces of paper should not determine whether a person has the right to survive. Those South Africans, who seek refuge, and who’s lives are under threat, should be allowed to relocate themselves to Holland or other places within the European Union, as that is where their ancestors originated from.

As refugees pour into Europe from other parts of the world, we ask that the “white” / “European” refugees stranded in South Africa, unable to relocate due to passport restrictions on South African Passports, be granted the right to relocate to the place where their ancestors originated, being Europe.
Those who have the means, skills and resources to relocate, should be given the opportunity to do so in accordance with United Nations Human Rights law, and not be marginalized due to unethical and paralyzing processes.
Furthermore, there is a need for aid relief to be directed to those who are currently stranded in illegal squatter camps. The conditions of these camps are worse than the Concentration Camps* of the Anglo Boer Wars at the turn of the twentieth century, and indeed, many people refer to these illegal squatter camps as Concentration Camps.

*Please reference the conditions of the Anglo Boer war Concentration Camp system as highlighted by Emily Hobhouse and the Fawcett Commission

Several cases for genocide in South Africans against the descendants of the European settlers and farmers have already been brought to the International Criminal Courts in The Hague. However the recent move by the South African government to remove itself from the treaty which would make them liable to be brought before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, has stifled efforts to gain international support / aid / attention to the situation, as the South African government can no longer be held accountable before the International Criminal Court.
What will you do?

Will the world just stand by and let 4 million people starve or be murdered?

Please do not ignore this situation. It is serious and they need help.

For and on behalf of
The good hard working suffering people of

With Respect and Gratitude
The Boer Nation,
Americans Against White Genocide in South Africa,
Independence Commission Africa,
International Monitoring Commission for Human Rights

Clearly there is lots to know on this front, and there is much violence and inciting of racial hatred going on at all levels at the moment.  Please tune into this special report which ties together the necessary pieces in order for you all to see the bigger picture.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve